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Kawena Vidigal
hey mami you still working at AA? unfortunately i left a while back.. and moved up to norcal, in the eas bay. But how are you? looking fahionable as always!
Audylynn Johnson
I friend is going to buy them when she gets a job.
But, I havent worn them for like 4 weeks.
So. let's not start anything thank you
oh and its nice to hear from you...
Kawena Vidigal
oh yeah and i like how you have conspiracies under things you life.. even though i dont really like that word, i am firm believer as well. you should really check out if your interested in that kind of stuff.

let me know what you think!
Kawena Vidigal
hell yeah! and nooo jo doesnt, she was just working hard on getting her sales goal for the day so tahts the only reason why she might of come off that way. but yeah hanging out sounds fun :) thats so cool that you work for AA now! what are the odds!

and our store is gooood just a little drama but thats usually how it goes. We all mainly love eachother and get along very well. Its just this one new girl that pretty much got taken away to be dov's 'girl' thats the source of the drama. but thats long and ill tell you ALLL about it sometime when we are hangin in person!

whats your schedule for next week lookin like?
Kawena Vidigal
hey ! it was super cool meeting you today! sorry if i wasnt 'all there' as you could see it was hella busy so i was kinda stressin. thats super cool you work for the hillcrest store! now we can be fellow AA buddies too, haha. Jo said you were trying to gossip but she was busy as well, what kinda drama's been happening over at ur store? You'll be suprised just how much DRAMA is synonymous with american apparel employees hahah
Lani Nicole Morales
Thanks, ladies :)
Lani Nicole Morales
<3 thank you!
Lani Nicole Morales
aww. Hey I live in SD as well and there's one in National City!
Dre Belcher
in your about section -- i love lollicup as well <3

wish i could find one around diego :/
Lani Nicole Morales
Thank you so much my loves. I really appreciate all of this LOVE
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