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Bohemian Rhapsody

January 14, 2011 · 224 · 65

Adam Gallagher - Glasses, Scarf, Band Tee The Who, Rings!!! - Bohemian Rhapsody


hows it goin everyone? :) heres the second post of the week. i was really inspired by bohemian colors and styles so i incorperated a lot of non matching palettes here. we got a rock tee with a eclectic scarf and beanie, for a really "i dont give a crap" look which is how ive been feeling lately . you could replace the tee with a dark brown v neck for a more subtle look or use ripped up blue skinny jeans for a more rebellious look. lets start exploring more eclectic trends this year and pair pieces together that we usually wouldnt pair before, for a surprise factor! :)
let's wow them guys!

ps. just got some great emails in regards to some more awesome collaborations! you guys keep me inspired and goin strong! nothin can bring us down! :D
xx adam

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Emily Harris
middle ring of a camera, possibly the best ring i've ever seen! so jealous! awesome look adam, :)♥
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Pattricia Mafaka
adam, you keep on getting better and better. stop, you are just too fashionable for me your looks are so versatile & creative, i love itt! itts so hoot. :) you are my favourite all time hands down, you are just the greatest. im one of your greatest fans and i am just telling you that you'll go a long way in the fashion industry. my heart goes to you
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Rubie ♢
... and i'm a huge Queen fan and this is my favorite song ever ! Must hype and heart this !!!!
(i want your scarf and rings !)
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Kyrie Rose
Mann, your killing me! LOVE your outfit. You have a great fashion sense :)
Beanie Hat, Scarf and the rings, I love them
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Sophie R
I absolutely love your camera ring! Where did you get both of those rings if you don't mind me asking? Oh and I wanted to tell you that I love your fashion versatility and seeing all these different but well done looks is fascinating, keep it up :)
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Annika N.
aww before I saw this picture, i trought rings look ugly by boys. I wish I could give you more than just a hype and a heart for this amazing look :) xx
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Yilla C.
interesting choice in colors.
the outfit contained very basic pieces but you made it pop so perfectly with the right choice of accessories!
kudos kudos.
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Todor K
the scarf is absolutely fantastic! By the way, what's ur natural hair color? Ashy or dark brown/black? I'm confused :d
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