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Look by Jana Wind

Winter winds

January 21, 2011 · 98 · 5

M C - Some Local Mall Grey Argyle Socks (Sorry I Had No Detail Shots Of This), White Confetti, From My Departed Aunt White Medical Watch, Baguio White Beanie, Babo Matted Nerdy Wayfarer, At Home ( Lying Underneath A Pile Of Old Clothes) Vintage Knitted Button Down Sweater, G Hills Key & Lock Necklace, Thrifted Cuffed Chocolate Brown Pants, Thrifted (Ukay Ftw!) Dirty Dirty Dirty White Untied Shoes - Winter winds

the soundtrack: mumford sons - winter winds

weather report by MC :

here in my hometown (bicol) & maybe other parts of the PHILIPPINES it's so darn cold right now.everybody is sporting jackets & lots of sweaters in all shape,sizes,colors & forms.yep,i saw nordic patterned is icky 'ol me wearing this old chunky one i have found at love the buttons.& the pattern.

according to the weatherman,we are experiencing's when the siberian frozen plain bring a cool & windy weather.thus,i am quite sleepy still even at 6am.BRRRRRRRRR.this cool weather change may lasts until february i guess,so hello layering.haha.

btw,that song is brilliant.been chanting the lyrics all day long.

btw,i thank my alter ego lb friends for this shoot (you know who you are.wink.wink).hope we do it again.hypes for the mad rush,the laugher & fun we had.

all my hypes & hearts - MC

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Punky Brewster
Hypes the funny detail on your outfit. lol. Made me chuckle for a minute O.o hihi Oh, I observe the "hand" pose as if wiping a stain in your face or something. LOL HYpe Hype!
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oh white confetti.haha.chuckle to bits now.
yep hand pose on both photos.i hope it does work.haha.been trying my best not to laugh on this shoots & photos.i guess covering my face happened suddenly.haha. :P

thanks for the hype!
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Dana Lee
My god, the weather is bad there too? It's the same here too, it just rained (as in downpour) a while ago...ugh stupid weather patterns.
This looks simple yet awesome :)
yep,weather has been bad lately.we did have rain too.last december was the worst,with all the flood going on some parts of bicol.hope weather becomes more cooperative this year.people are fleeing their homes,properties & lives are up stake im wishing for more clear skies,though cold weather is just right for me.but not so much over-pouring rain.

prayers to australia who i believe are having a hard time with those floods well as warming must really be happening.

btw,thanks for the's been a while with the post because i was really hoping for outdoor shots.pardon the indoor feel of this.haha.but anyway might as well post early this year than later.
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Sophie Lou
wassup brothaaaa!
Digging the sweater. Really. It's so cold i totally feel you.
your looks keep getting better. I need to kick my butt in GEAR.
M C's been quite a while.i hope you are a-ok.haha

yep been cold here.sometimes it gets sunny in other days but it does turn into gloomy weather the next minute.i blame global warming & how it twitches weather it's colder than keeping better? thank you. yep i'd be hypin' you in no time.lookin forward! :P
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Sophie Lou
borderline insane, but that's normal this time of year ^^. School and work is pretty much my life right now. Looks everyday, just no photos to prove it ):

How cold is it where you are? it's -4 F here. Global warming haha. joke.
Haha thanks. When i get the swing of things maybe we'll see something new. I'll be watching!
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Kit Lee
very very cute!
especially the beanie! (x
the second photo kind of reminds me of a big bang music video i was watching earlier. :DD
Selle M
Nerdy glasses are love <3 And i love the slouchy hat with the specs,reminds me of the guy from Where's Wally? which BTW I mean as a compliment because that guy rocks!
yep they sure are aweeeeeeeesome.adds character to any look.haha.wally... :P

salamat pala fellow pinoy lb-er...
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Gianfranco Figueroa
MC, this is a very cool look. Beanies are so in right now. But I'm kinda hesitant to wear one because hello? it's a tropical country.
But now the weather is cold. So i will rush into a store to get and wear one.

Inspired :)
whoaaaaaaaa thanks.i do appreciate this awesome comment about me inspiring you.heehee

yes i believe anyone can pull off a's actually my must have when travelling,because i can easily hide my messy hair + instant style boost.haha.hope you post a look with a beanie too...

looking forward to it.see ya around!
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Gianfranco Figueroa
that's one thing for sure. Imma wear one soon and have it dedicated to you!

Yeah that was great. Beanies are for bad hair days :)
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Daniella Robins
Loving this!! I adore the colour pallet of this look and i like all the detailing of this look even down to the untied trainers!!

Great look,Hyped!! :):)
thanks dear.yep untied really have a keen eye for noticing it.

happy lookbooking - MC
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Items in this look

Grey Argyle Socks (sorry I Had No Detail Shots Of This)
White Confetti
White Medical Watch
White Beanie
Matted Nerdy Wayfarer
Vintage Knitted Button-down Sweater
Key & Lock Necklace
Cuffed Chocolate Brown Pants
Dirty Dirty Dirty White Untied Shoes

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