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Mimosa pudica

November 29, 2011 · 44 · 6

Olive Kimoto - Thrifted Vintage Teddy Bear Solid Perfume Filled Necklace That Smells Of Old Women And Aging Elegance, Thigh Highs, Wedges, :) Mustard Cardigan, Thrifted Vintage Velveteen Lace Collared Blouse, Thrifted 70s Plaid Skirt - Mimosa pudica

I'm eating macaroni & cheese right now, would you like some?

Please follow my new blog! It's still in the works, but will be fully done by Christmas, I swear! It will be a combination of my personal style, art/drawings, music, photography, writing, snippets of moving pictures, and whatever creative outlet I seem to be doing at the time.

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It's just Gee Gal
I love how your outfit goes together with the knee-highs
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Lets Fly Away By Biophilia
aww lovely.. Mimosa is the plant that you touch and it closes???
Olive Kimoto
Yes, exactly! The touch-me-not plant.

I want an entire garden of them, along with ghost plants and resurrection moss.
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Lets Fly Away By Biophilia
awww. I lOve them actually Im studyng biology in a few years Botanic <3
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Sammi Jackson
Wow love your look love your skirt and the colour of your cardi! You collar and necklace really make the outfit and cute socks! :):) Hyped <3
Olive Kimoto
No takers on the macaroni & cheese? It's delicious and I hate eating alone.
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NAVA NewAndVintageApparel
Great colors and such interesting/ sexy porportions! xoxo
Jae D
OMGGG you totally get my heart with that look!! <3
Edward Honaker
We sell mango mimosas at work for seven dollars. That's like a 500% markup. Sugary alcohol is always a rip off.