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Look by Ashley Joncas

The great outdoors

December 27, 2011 · 35 · 2

M C - Marie Francois Girbaud Backpack, Dv Fedora Hat (Overused This Year), Thrifted Military Jacket, Thrifted Cuffed Brown Pants, Thrifted Oxford X Creeper Like Shoes - The great outdoors

another look from my old files this year again.2011 mad rush posting really. :)

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this is one of my favorites.after seeing too many individuals sporting the military jacket on the sartorialist this fall/winter season.i've come to a decision to have some bargain hunt to search for one.thus i'm wearing this amazing, well fitted and detailed here,i used it as a button-down shirt, but on some occasions i utilized it as a cover up and i sometimes grunge it up and tie it on my waist a la 90s style.the pockets do add this utilitarian element really and the hat i added makes it london corky,remember the bag i had on my other look - the one with the coldplay title. i also used it here as a backpack.a transformation really. will have the photos of the bag inserted here later. plus, how can i forget those rad shoes. they are like an oxford-creepers hybrid. added vertical illusion really for a short guy like me. :)

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overall i sum up this ensemble as : military X camping/outdoor-sy X london streetstyle X classic dapper styling as inspired by the sartorialist

hope everyone can wait for another one.i still have four looks or so still waiting for the six hour posting interval.

hypes for happiness - MC

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Dee C
haha! there you are again. im reading the word "beast" on your look again. lol. missed reading that. heehee. MORE PLEASE! :D
haha.beast comment count - 2

now now easy on your laughter dear sister! :D
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JayTee F
Nice to be back my dear :)serene! fresh... and smells of youth :) hope to see more looks next year! happy new year :)
wow.comment made me giiiiiiiiidy a heart.

super thanks!
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Ranel James Del Castillo
Yeah you're right.. But the bad part is that I'm the one who keeps on buying and my brothers just lend my stuff... So i guess it won't work on my part... :)) hahahaha... :))
boohoo. :C that's one clear disadvantage.

we are actually on the same end sisters borrow all my plaid buttondowns,even my pants (and call 'em boyfriend jeans),my hats and my most beloved satchels (never even posted a look with it).

although i must say i had fun looking at them rummage through my stuff.haha.

this bag though was just handed down as a gift from my brother.he never really use it.but knowing that i was salivating on satchels,he gave me that rucksack/messenger bag.haha.

hmf.most prolly if we got loads of money.maybe we can send you this satchel from bicol that is made of's well made and can fit a laptop.

my sister and i do want to expose pinoy products here on LB.besides the usual spots i pick for shoots.which is all in bicol. :)

wishing i can have a great LB year to come!
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Ranel James Del Castillo
cool... I would want to own one of those filipino made bags.. Yeah you will have a great one for sure.. :D
you have one great year too! :)

haha.this conversation has beeeeeeeeeen soooooooo looooooooooooooooooooooooong.heehee

wish some of us lookbookers can meet someday.haha :)

yay for collabs!
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Kenneth B.
I love it! great photos as well. I also love your idea of having a collab, I think that would be awesome, sir! :)
awww thanks man.such have epic photos + looks as well.

yep.wish we lookbookers can meet someday and do collabs like some famous lb-ers like adam g,peter,bethany,bobby etc. haha.that be fun.let's have sir andre as the leader.haha :)
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