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Look by plaaastic

Death valley, california

January 13, 2010 · 362 · 117

Ania B - American Apparel Apparel, Sheer Dress, Ebay Win - Death valley, california

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Bruna Treme
Wow loove it!
the look, your pose ,the colors, the picture...everything is so beautiful!
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Atica D.
Ohh I love this! Very nice photography and I love that RedIndian thingy on your head! I want it! HYPED!!!!

Check out mine:
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Helen Hetzel
so simple & doch so wundervoll.
eins der besten bilder & fotografien.
es strahlt so was schönes aus ♥
und der kopfschmuck reist eh alles raus, wundervoll !
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La Rockwell
i am the absolute most jealous over your headdress... ebay? really? i've been in the market for one of those for a long time and all i ever find are the crummy super fake crazy colors ones... *sigh* good for you. any suggestions?
Ania B
that is the seller i got it from. it looks like they have loads of great stuff. don't second guess the colors, they are all pretty good replicas, it will look a hundred times better in person. if you are worried chose something more "classic" lol if that word even applies
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La Rockwell
you are my new personal hero. :) tons of good stuff. thanks so much.
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Cherri Fountain
Boho chic at it's basic best! It is the photo but it's also the whole ensemble of the outfit. The simplicity of the long-sleeved slip, the quirky head dress, the soft tones of the sand dunes behind - just beautiful. You have my heart and a feature.
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This is perfect. Everything about it. And I envy your body. I fell in love with this look when I grabbed the American Apparel Lookbook.
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Michael Z
simply fantastic, an outfit that truly deserves its hypes

i took a photo of the death vally sign when i was driving from LA to Vegas in July and remember thinking to myself i wanna check that place out. now that i've seen this i regret not going when i had the chance haha

it would be next to impossible for most girls to look hot in that dress but you look stunning, and that's the sickest head piece i've ever seen


Ania B
aww thank you so much for all the compliments :)
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Susana Cardenas
white girl with a feather head dress. How disrespectful to my community. Bet you have no clue about our culture and the sacred significance of the feather headdress. "But like omg it's like so totally rad and fashionably cool omg like totally" hype... ever heard of cultural appropriation (google it)? you look ridiculous, ignorant and racist. Wake up miss!
Kim Moellering
What makes it racist? She's not mocking native american culture. If I were to wear a kimono style shirt or dress because I think it's pretty, would that be racist as well? What about a mandarin collar? Is wearing a military jacket insulting to our soldiers?
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