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Look by Jana Wind

Dream in Color

January 31, 2014 · 45 · 4

Elle-May Leckenby - Love Nail Tree Dream In Colour Tee, Love Nail Tree Dia Circle Earings, Gypsy Warrior Rock Muse Floppy Hat, Beara Luna Satchel, Zerouv Frameless Round Sunglasses, Odd Pears Louis - Dream in Color

I am not a very good writer (hence why I never write all too much). I mainly try and keep it to a minimum because I don't want to display my bad grammar and strange choices of wording things. But I'm slowly starting to not care as much just because I actually enjoy writing! So here is my story..

Everyone has dreams and passions, sometimes It take others longer to figure out what they are. I was so blessed to discover my love of photography at an early age. when I was 16 I got the opportunity to photograph my very first wedding. I got so anxious I almost couldn't do it. I ended up pushing through and this created such a memorable foundation for me to grow upon.

I used to overthink things to the point where I would get intense anxiety and extreme nervousness. Mostly, it would be over the most silly things. A few years later I moved out of home to study photography at college, most mornings were a battle for me to even leave my apartment. I couldn't bare the thought of facing people, telling classmates my ideas for projects or even having normal conversations. I remember the train rides, the overdose of different perfumes I would smell mixed with my anxiety made me feel such illness. This went on for about a year. Again I pushed through this and it ended up being a foundation for growing upon as well.

So often I felt crippled by this, like I couldn't execute ideas or photo shoots I wanted to do. Sometimes your problems seem like mountains and it will take a lifetime to get over them. I think the most inspiring people can see the bigger picture and not get caught up in the small things that can seem big at the time. I know there are far worse things then feeling nervous, but for me at the time it stunted my vision - like being only able to view things in black and white. Everything revolved around what other people thought and I couldn't escape this mindset.

It's been another year since and I can say 2013 was definitely the most dramatic turn around. I learnt so much and am so grateful for my personal growth!

Setting high benchmarks for yourself is one of the most important things I feel. Weather it is with work, personal life or developing your character. We need to be comfortable with the fact that we have every right to dream as large and elaborate as we desire. Nobody can take away a gift you've been given, not even yourself. You can bury it or neglect it but it will still be there lingering. The key is to grasp it and know it's a part of your identity and by good use I whole heartedly believe our individual gifts will bring us all such a unique joy and purpose to this beautiful life we've been given!

Elle x

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Mariam Argvliani
0 · reply ·
Abbey Shen
The look is cool and the article is so long!
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Sue Figueroa
Loved reading this. Very motivating. I see myself on lots of things you said.
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Leslie Novion
You are really beautiful! Every look of yours are very stunningly eye catching! Love it <33333333 Fanned & Hyped. :)
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Christina Lau
I absolutely love the overalls!
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Rachel Russell
I wish i could pull off overalls haha
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Christine Hawkins
Your smile is infectious! so beautiful
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Erica Foote
Love your story! And your outfit! I was thinking of majoring in photography but changed my mind at the last minute, and I face many of the problems you wrote about, so this is super relatable for me!
Elle-May Leckenby
Woah, I am so glad. Photography was awesome to study, I am just so glad now I went through the process, I feel free now! haha x