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October 22, 2017 · 0

Jo Haughton -  - RockStar

So just to go off yesterday’s post. Just so you don’t think my world is falling apart or anything. I’ve got a little story today.

I walk by my girl’s room and she’s singing to herself and playing with her toys. I pause and watch her for a bit. She notices me doing so and turns her face to me. She smiles. And when she smiles, I mean her eyebrows go up and become triangular, and her eyes are bright, and her nose wrinkles and she grins at me. That’s what I mean, by she smiles.

I say to her, “You know what? You’re a Rockstar.”

“I know, Mama. I knew you were gonna say something like that.”

“Okay. Well, just so you know, you’re pretty amazing.” and I head downstairs.

Good to know she knows how bright a light she is to me.

*Mom sappiness over….for now*

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