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Mini Mistake?

February 28, 2018 · 0

Jo Haughton -  - Mini Mistake?

I’ve worked with eShakti before, and it’s always been great. I love their classically styled dresses that you can completely customize. When another chance to work with them came up I jumped on board. I customized this dress to get rid of the sleeves – I like sleeveless dresses. And I took a chance too: I usually get knee length, but this time tried to go for above knee length or mini. I think that was a mistake on my part.

The dress arrived and as always it is really well made, and the material is great quality. They did a great job on the customization I requested, but when I put it on, I realized that I had made a mistake. Sadly, it’s totally on me. It has one hundred percent to do with me, and not the company at all. The dress is great, but on me I should’ve stuck with knee length. The mini doesn’t suit me all that much. I think it might be because of my longer torso – who knows really. But man it’s really a great dress, I’m still going to wear it – I’ll just have to be a bit more thoughtful about how I style it.


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