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Other Ways to be Sustainable

May 22, 2018 · 2

Jo Haughton -  - Other Ways to be Sustainable

There are so many new brands popping up that are made from sustainable materials, or that recycle, etc. etc. I love that this ethical mindset is finally starting to saturate the fashion community. The fashion industry is a major polluter, and I believe is second after the agricultural/meat industry so progress is vital. But there are other ways to be sustainable in fashion as well.

One major way is to wear things, the same things, for years. To not change with the seasons or the trends. For example, one of my favorite sustainable brands is Arnhem. I’ve loved their style for years, and their recent move towards transparency and sustainable materials is so wonderful to see. I love the Primrose jumpsuit. The backless, fun loose garment is something I’ve been wistfully staring at. But, I actually have a jumpsuit that’s several years old from Threadsence. It’s not the same, and it’s not from a sustainable fabric, but it has been in my closet for years, and it has a similar feel. Wearing that, instead of getting rid of it and buying the new item, is a major way to be kind to our earth.

Sure, it may not be the ideal business model, but keeping what you have, enjoying it, and ‘shopping your closet’ is a great way to be sustainable. I personally think it’s a lovely way to practice several ideas at once: sustainability, gratitude for the things we have, and also fiscal responsibility.

John Marine
I kind of figured this was a jumpsuit. Regardless, this is a lovely floral jumpsuit along with the shoes. Pretty hair and face also. Hyped!
Michael B.
This is stunning. I never would have guessed this was a jumpsuit, they way you have gathered into you.
Jo Haughton
Thanks. Yeah, the wide leg jumpsuits are deceptive. :)
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