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Shorts and Heels

July 15, 2018 · 4

Veronika Lipar -  - Shorts and Heels

You must have heard fashion editors say you can't wear shorts with high heels. In fact, they keep saying this is one of the 5 biggest faux pas in fashion. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are entirely wrong, but they are forgetting about these one type of shorts that go perfectly with high heels. Luckily I'm here to give you right and finally show you that shorts and how to style them with high heels to get bonus points from the fashion police. So what shorts you can actually wear with high heels? Well, after seeing all those photos above you already know. But repeating it, just in case you are listing to Siri reading this text while you are driving to your work (ps. you shouldn't wear shorts to work).
The only shorts that can pass the high heels rule are these shorts that I'm wearing with my summer outfit on the go. It's the loose silk shorts that look like a mini skirt.
#shorts #heels

Jennifer S
Fabulous !! Love it so much !! Want that outfit on me <333
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Michael B.
This is perfect!! Sod the editors!!!
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Michael B.
I keep coming back to this, it is so adorable.
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John Marine
Your blazer, top, shorts, and pumps look great! Hyped!
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