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Thoughts on Positivity

March 26, 2019 · 5

Jo Haughton -  - Thoughts on Positivity

Positivity does not equal banality.

It isn’t an excuse to be a blind, unthinking “yes” person. That’s just rampant fanaticism – and uncritical thinking. Positivity is about positive change and vibes, but that doesn’t mean you just accept anything you’re given because that’s a sort of delusion and kind of nihilistic. If you really are about positivity, you’re about learning, and challenging, because if you don’t give a f**k about someone, that’s when you say ‘cool’ and move on. When you are about positive change you consider and you add, challenge, and encourage when applicable. Otherwise, it’s just a mouthpiece for mindlessness. And that ain’t cool.

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Michael B.
Have you read any Hannah Arendt? Her essay on the Eichmann trial goes to the heart of this thesis.
Jo Haughton
Interesting. I'll have to look into it :)
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Michael B.
She puts forth the thesis that Eichman wasn't an evil man, he in fact lacked the imagination to be evil. H e did evil things in the name of efficiency.
Jo Haughton
I would have to disagree with that idea. I think that to a certain extent, there is an intrinsic value to actions regardless of intentions. Which is what our legal system is based on. For ex. Premeditated murder vs. the idea of manslaughter. Both result in deaths, but intentionality is a deciding factor.
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Michael B.
Agreed. But it does raise an interesting question.
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Michael B.
It is also why he was executed.
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John Marine
I positively love your jean jacket, top, skirt, and boots. Lovely! Hyped!
Risovic Nicolas
Superb maxi skirt, top, colors and denim touch.
C.Halil Özdemir
<3 <3 <3 You look absolutely famous... I like...


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