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Alexandra Mcqueen
long fuckin time sir!
Alexandra Mcqueen
&&& immm backkkkkkkkkkk!
Alexandra Mcqueen
haha, wasup man?
Alexandra Mcqueen
Hiding in a pickle jar, next to apple sauce on aisle 3 in the piggly wiggly's in arkansas!
Alexandra Mcqueen
im home!! fuckkaa fuckaa!
been home 4 like 5 days!
Alexandra Mcqueen
your big plan? o lord.

i left sundayy.
Alexandra Mcqueen
wat che mean thats not cool?
anndddd ion see my hype!?!?
Alexandra Mcqueen
i meannn yea. but im not really 4 that.

but my catwalk pic is up!!!
Alexandra Mcqueen
yeaaaaaaaa mannn.
Alexandra Mcqueen
it was fun. everybody was there.
too many youngins tho. like little ghetto kids.
hope its better next year.

but no, that wasnt my outift. i looked wayyyy better.
i was pulling all the girlies. lmao.
Alexandra Mcqueen
Alexandra Mcqueen
yhu mean like 2marrow? lol.
hey! AC! im AC!
yhu get it?. dont mind me im weird.
Alexandra Mcqueen
your fired!!

idk, havent decided.
Alexandra Mcqueen
hurry up! send me a msg.
ur number,

but yhu gon get jeoulous aroundd me.
Alexandra Mcqueen
Alexandra Mcqueen
im going to pride. but where you tryna go?
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