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Natasha T

Natasha T

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Jennica Castro
hi natasha, fanned you!;)
B. Juliet
thanks : )
Mary Berry
haha they are??? oh haha. your still cool though :)
Bujas (Beeeee)
but id like to be ur fans too :)
i almost missed ur latest pic..i dont want it happen again :)
Bujas (Beeeee)
i like ur looks
i dont want to miss ur look when u upload it :)
there is no reason to not bcome ur fans :)
Mary Berry
haha really?! im gonna check your videos out later :) I was gonna be one for make up and hauls but i dont really like making videos lol ill do it after i edit my new look :)
Mary Berry
okay! :) im gonna take you right when i get back, so tell your mom i wanna adopt you for couple of days lol ummmm tomorrow im going everywhere with reid for his work. going to properties and checking them the whole day.. you'll probably be the first to see everything i buy since im adopting you when i get back!
Mary Berry
you stop being MIA and working! lol dont make me stop my shopping hiatus.. it will break when i leave for my trip, trust me. im gonna buy tons of clothes! and you can borrow them :) come over my house and sleepover and have a lookbook sesh!
Mary Berry
your not my fan!?!?! wtf! you biiiiiitch! nah... miss you mofo!
Mary Berry
welcome mofo! :) ha.
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