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Kanaho Morris
thank you so much for FANning me!!!
love and peace <3
Karst Kafka
hiya! just thought that i should tell you : a lot of people have been asking if i have a BLOG.. well, finally i do! it's ... i really REALLY hope you like it and decide to follow! <3><3><3
lots of love and sunshine,
--laura xx
Karst Kafka
okay.. so um.. i've got a new look.. and i hope you don't mind me saying this.. but um.. well, basically i've got lots of people who want me to keep telling ya'll when i post a new look and there are some that don't and it's really hard to sort them out so basically if you really want to find out when i post a new look i suggest you become a fan.. PLEASE don't think i'm posting this only because i want you to become a fan! oh no! i'm just suggesting that, not saying you have to! so i'm just letting you know that i unfortunately won't keep telling you anymore.. so this is the last one.. but yeah, i posted a new look. ;) let me know what you think. :D
lots of love n' sunshine,
--laura xx
Karst Kafka
so.. ta-taratah-tah-tah-taa! new look. :)
--laura x
Karst Kafka
got some new looks, jic you're intrested. ;)
--laura x
p.s. do you want me to keep letting you know if i post sth. new? i have had many requests like that and i've been doing it for some time, but if it annoys anyone, i can stop it. ^^
Karst Kafka
updated again.. i REALLY do hope you'll like it..
Karst Kafka
new look again! :) hope you like it. :)
Tulis A.
oh yeah was there all day today. i ended up spending most of my time at little five points (and money lol), it was really nice.

Tulis A.
any other great areas in at.l that are similar to little five points that you would suggest?
Gladys Lopez
thank you! :D
Tulis A.
yes we do
atlanta is beautiful
do you ever go to little five points
Joanna Carroll
thanks so much for your comment :) i really appreciated it :D
Elizabeth G
ha thanks :)
Brunchen von Emmerick
oh thanks a lot! <3
Nelson De Chavez
Thanks Anton :D
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