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Look by Jordan Rose

Rayanne Albuquerque

Rayanne Albuquerque

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Camilla Martins
adorei os looks. fanned.
Rayanne Albuquerque
thank you nicolage
James Demitriou
xxx thxs for joining my club xxx we are going to have so much fun xxx
James Demitriou
Hi Rayanne I finally made a post!
James Demitriou
Darn i failed your challenge that girl lady diana or is it dirty diana deleted all my comments she sent me this msg and i sent her a classic story deleted everything check out her msg
Desculpe, pensei que aqui fosse para postar seus looks e não vejo nenhum seu, então não sei quem vc é, ou que pretende, apaguei seus comentários, obrigada por comentar, mas não quero números, quero apenas me divertir tirando fotos dos meus looks para dividir com outras pessoas os meus gostos e opiniões, vlw ?
But anyway you find me another victim to comment on..if you have a friend that would a appriciate a hype comment even beter.
Are you a carioca??? sometimes cariocas are weird! once i was in rio and i saw these street kids. i felt sorry for them so i bought them 9 mc donlads happy meals. i walked up gave it to 'em and they freaked out like a pack of wild dogs. 1 punched me... i ran off!!! anyway i am waiting for your challenge!!!
James Demitriou
i did your friend lady Diana....i left her a good story....but tell me first is it lady or sir??? Either way have fun!!!
James Demitriou
ok....i accept your challenge...mas o que e o desafio????
Chantelle Par
thanks so much i love all your looks too there gorgeous!
Ima hype more pictures of you! :)
Michelle Christensen
you have a great style <3
Chantelle Par
your so gorgeous! Hype
Check out my looks too if you have a sec :)
Krista Garcia
I just gave all your looks hypes. :) keep posting!
Ligia B
quando você vai postar seus looks? :]
Kary Duarte
hiii... curiosa pra ver seus looks =D
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