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Rach Roberts

Rach Roberts

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Alinde Mårtensson
I like your style!
cute and rugged :) i like!
Santiago MC
Cool style Rach!! hyped
Khadish .
Tinamarie V
um, you and i should be best friends and talk about david bowie all the time. ahaha! i love your style! ♥
Mari L
I thought it was the least I could do. The same thing happened to Shelly, and it was on her blog I read about the whole deal, so it's Shelly who should get the credit Ü

The user has deleted her account, so I guess it worked out alright Ü
Flavia S.
the cure? of course :'D. i just listen to old music and sometimes ne indie rock shit. but old music (L) !
i gave my love to the smiths, clash and so on. i love all bowie songs but heroes are one of my favorites :D

haha good thing :'D

ps : your hair looks always beautiful.
Flavia S.
david bowie rocks an all the music from the 70's and 80's. this is real muusic :D
heroes just for one day :D love it

Khadish .
OMGG chemical kid , like I love you && your hair
Khadish .
we have more hypes than the stuiped 'scence kid with a fashion kick' lol
Khadish .
I haven't seen you in ages
holidays are almost over and exams are just in a few week :(
guess what I bought today
from H&M in sales these amazing boots they look kinda grunge / DOC M
they were like for £6 no joke :D

Khadish .
hello smelly
how are you ?
blahhh guess who has lookbook now ? :/
my perlim are a week away :(
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