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Kristi Lanteigne
Lolol nopee (: you didnt i did by a friend from myspace (:
David M
It’s a terrible thing to go through D: you should have been going somewhere for fun for a two hour drive :/ like ikea. Or h&m. or the beach :D haha yeah whenever I leave the computer I’m like DID LOOKBOOK SEND ME AN EMAIL HOMYGOD I HOPE THEY DID. And they’re like the only people (Besides Yapta! I think it stands for your amazing personal travel assistant xD) who have my email, so I get like five a day. Once someone became MY FAN. That was pretty exciting. I HAVE A FAN. Well, two, but only one that I don’t know.
Haha my mom gives me this WHY ARE YOU ALWAYS CORRECTING ME? Thing when I argue with her, so I can’t do it anymore because she refuses to go through with a logical argument :/ I really don’t like it.
I know someone who during the AP Biology exam the proctor (and the proctor’s wife….) were talking about their marital and sex problems throughout the whole thing xDDDDD. I wonder if they all like epic failed because of that xD
Yesyesyesyesyesyesyes. French sign language for the winz. Haha. I like this idea. We’re staring the DANMARK. Because danmark has Greenland, and I think canada’s severe lack of American brain warming skillz comes from the fact that Greenland is too busy warming its stupid self and its ice sheets to warm up Canada, so they’re too focused on their own damn problems to warm up the u.s. �
Haha yeah….i had to switch mine because my mom’s on the like what-happens-when-you-get-laid-off insurance died, so now I’m on my dads and it basically sucks. Like the acne medicine. You have a copay of $160! Up from $25 D: and it only costs $220 to begin with. Insurance fail >.< so now I can’t use it anymore xD
Well, it wouldn’t actually take five years, but you have to come up with laws of phonology, grammar, spelling, an alphabet, and of course like 20,000 words. Who wants to do that? The wordmaking would take for freeking ever.
Haha. I never actually saw superbad. Or borat. And napoleon dynamite was so god awful I couldn’t stand to make it all the way through it.
THAT’S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU DON’T PAY PROPER ATTENTION TO ROAD-DWELLING MEESE. But it’s okay! The moose lived xD. You should party with penguins and polar bears. Wouldn’t that be like super epically epic? And I think I explained with all our hat problems are sourced in københavn, yes?
Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeden. I know smorgasbord, och, gummibjörn, jag, är, jej, älskar, and dig. xD (large collection of leftovers, and, gummi bear, I, am/are/is, yeah!, love, and you xD)
In denmark? There’s like a whole bunch. There’s like purchasing (16 I think) and being served in a bar is like 14 or something like that. And I think you can be served at home whenever. IKEA FURNITURE TOWER. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. I think we should start with a LACK bookcase xD. Yep. Silly scandanavians. We should go steal some and make a museum of pretty people xD (oh, and apparently that like Abercrombie and fitch look is not in fact American (SHOCKING) but it’s really Swedish. My history teacher was a weirdo xD)
Yes. It would be amazing. I know some Europeans at least two of whom would do anything to come visit me in Stockholm xD. One actually invested in classes to learn Swedish xD and the other is the Danish one so she practically speaks Swedish already (they’re like identical….)
Yeah! I’ve noticed that the Swedish people on lookbook are like the prettiest ones too….there’s a lack of Icelanders. There are like two xD. OH NO. I SHALL NEVER KNOW WHAT YOUR CURTAINS LOOKS LIKE. *dies xD*
Yeah. My mom doesn’t have a boutique….she doesn’t sew anymore xD. Yeah, I thought about looking online. But instead I was looking at techno and trance music on youtube xD now I have playlist of it. Under the name --(O.O)—(all my playlists are named with emoticons….) I just think my mom would eat me if I used her sewing machine, so I’m afraid to do it. But I can’t sew anything! I don’t even know how one goes about sweding on a button on. Once, when I was state managing a play, we had a mechanical flying bat that was powered by an old industrial sewing machine xD (it cut off our light controlling power on the last night…that did NOT go well xD)
Haha. I know. I still have yet to go to ben franklin to get myself some fabric painting stuff. But I really want to :D so I can make one….
Haha yeah. Sometimes I just randomly laughing really really hard, and my brother thinks I’m absolutely crazy. Which I probably am, but I mean you have to do that sometimes. No, two 15 year olds getting married would be weird Xd
But you can’t like stay in paris….you can stay for like six months (and you could go back, but you’d have to Canada and get a new visa) but you couldn’t work. So you would definetly have to retire…D:
Yes! We’ll go up to d.c. and have adventures in the very large mall up there :D (i once this pair of like size 16 shoes that were like the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. Then I saw their prada label. And their $300 price tag. DOWN FROM $2400. What a deal xD!)
I think the meese will eat you for ransoming me personally.
Haha. Yeah, my mom’s never actually seen me drunk so she doesn’t know. Really? I can’t fall back asleep when I wake up and it’s like past 10:30. It really sucks. Haha my mom’s college roommate like left college to get married. She eventually did go back and get her degree though. (They actually went to high school together too, but didn’t really know each other.) but her husband like left her, so she tried to start a clothing line in new York. But she needed money faster, so she got a job selling junk bonds with this old jewish guy on a wall street. So then she did that. And now she’s like at the top of the crisis banking section at JP Morgan. She moved back from England where she had been before like 8 months ago. xD
Hum. Maybe nothing happened and the firetrucks were just hoping to run across some meese. Yeah. My kitty’s cute. And I picked him up. And I realized that I got like 70 cat furs on me from this (I usually don’t wear black but I did today so you could see it xD)
Yes. Lookbook emails for the win.
Haha. I know. I have to brush my teeth in the morning now. Or if i’m up at like two in the morning it’s really cross because I last brushed them like 16 hours ago. I don’t like that.
Yeah. My brother isn’t the best eater other. He’s putting on weight now though, and this is the summer before his senior year in high school, so he’ll come back so fat after college xD. It’s okay. Sometimes being a ranting machine is necessary.
I like math. Math is magical xD. I was good at most things, but I don’t like English. At all. It’s grossess. CONGRATLATIONS. I had to take woodworking in seventh and eighth grade XD. I did okay. (yeah, it was a required course.) haha I like totally zoned out in geometry and still got an A. algebra 2 I had to pay attention....
I accepted your facebook stalk request.
You won by three!
David M
Haha. It’s okay. I was just worried you had left me for something more interesting!!!
I KNOW. I found another good one for like $420. But it’s on that limited-time-only thing too. So maybe they’ll always have a good one I can get though. *hopes*
Haha yeah. I used to do that. ARE YOU DONE NOW? Stuff but then I realized it really isn’t worth the great satisfaction of when you actually get to say it.
Haha. Well. It would be pretty weird for any teacher that you might get.
I KNOW. IT’S SO DUMB. That’s why I can’t take it! That whole concept that just ANNOYS ME. They should have all taken old French sign language and then everyone could use that one! It’s not cool. I KNOW. I swear people have a hobby of making things as complicated as physically possible. Like the government! Who spends on healthcare per capita than Canada, Sweden, germany, france, and the u.k., and they don’t even pay for everyone’s! *shows non-government health insurance card* you see, that’s just silly. Yeah, I saw some website all about how one makes a language. It looked like a lot of work. If it took like 5 minutes I would do it. But five years is different xD
Haha yeah. Meeses are pretty cute. They’re so silly. They’re kinda ridiculously large xD. DUDE. NO. CANADA’S PURPOSE IS TO WARM AMERICA’S BRAIN. And there are far cooler hats than tuques. Gawed.
Yeah. I wish we had cabs *cries* and the bus doesn’t even like go anywhere! I can ride it to carytown…but none of my friends can, so like I would have to go by myself. And that’s just kinda sketchy.
Haha I can yell at people I know. Not strangers. That’s not cool.
Sweden. Sweden love. Jag älskar sverige. xD THE MYSTIC LAND OF DANMARK? IT’S AN AMAZING PLACE. I know nothing about it. But my friend says it’s really cool xD. (‘cause she can get alcohol in bars I think…..hahaahaha)
Nah. We have to one up the Eiffel tower. With something cooler. A tower of ikea furniture maybe.
Hahaha. Europeans are just prettier than Americans. (and I have a theory they’re so much thinner because they eat at like 8:30 at the earliest, and we eat earlier so we sit around and eat food all night whlieas they don’t and therefore are thinner xD)
Yeah! I wanst go Iceland….i could go from new York to reykajavik to Stockholm after school gets next year for like $1000 plane ticket. I WANNA GO SO BAD. But idk who would take me xD
Yeah. Iceland was founded by the already pretty Swedish men and the hot celtic women they stole from the villages xD = country of hot people.
Yeah. Ikea had some pretty cool fabric when I was looking online. I saw some leaf ones. They may be the same xD. Even though my mom used to sew a lot (when she was our age she made most of her own clothes because they were cheaper and better.) I really wish I had her sewing skills >.< but she won’t teach me now! And I’m afraid to try to use her sewing machine because it’s a really really really good one that’s like 50 years old (it used to my grandmother’s, but she doesn’t sew anymore) and I’m afraid that I would screw it up. So I don’t use it. Dude! I want one of those epic tree t-shirts! I want to make one. I saw on here where someone had made it with bleach, but I don’t like that bleached fabric look very much so I think I’ll just have to go and get some white fabric paint and see what I can do with it.
PAMPLE. PAMPLE. PAMPLE. PAMPLEMOUSSE. PAMPLEMOUSSE. It could also be like ‘pamp the moose’ if you are so inclined. xD. Yeah pample is a sick word. *needs to come up with a meaning* I like mousse! I think it’s yummiful. But I don’t like moussy yogurt. I don’t like it. I prefer normal yogurt. EVEN THOUGH. OMG ICELANDIC SKYR. SKYR. SKYR. SKYR. SKYR. IT WAS SUCH GOOD YOGURT. It really wasn’t seat, but it was sourish and WONDERFUL. My like new favorite thing!
But normally I’m too lazy to rofl about things. That r part of rofl is too much effort. Yeah. Hahaha. I wanna live in those places tooooooooooo! But I’d like have to get married to do that xD and that would be really weird. HOWEVER, I could live in paris. And (I really don’t want to be in in germany….) and københavn. Which is only an insanely long bridge away from Sweden! :D
Yeah. Ours is weird. If you’re 17 and 363 days your boy/girlfriend is over 18 than technically the 18 year old is committing statutory rape. But we have stupid sex laws as you know.
I don’t want to go to Trinidad. It wasn’t high on my list of places to go xD. But I do like being kidnapped and ransomed….(just kidding!)
I’ll be able to drive at the beginning of spring break next year. My mom says we’ll go to paris, but I really don’t think that’s going to happen. But I’ll be able to drive! :D which is exciting. So it’ll be okay if I don’t go….even though I really really really really want to go xD. Yeah. I made sure I didn’t drink enough to actually get drunk enough to throw up. I’m sorry about that. I kinda slept to my normal summer time (like 10. It’s like 9 on normal weekends) my mom thought it was a little weird, but I just said I had a hard time falling asleep (that does happen some so she believed me :D) JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJE. Sweden! Sweden! There’s a flagship in new York too. So. That’s closer. (maybe my mom will take me to new York during spring break to see her fucking awesome college roommate. She’s hilarious. Everything she says is actually roflworthy xD.) I wish epic adventure were my middle name. D:
Yeah. I’m not on a busy street. (well, there’s a pretty big school like a block away so there is a lot of traffic in the morning)
Haha. I live within walking distance (well if you’re okay) distance of a hospital, so I bet I could an ambulance pretty quickly….
Yeah. My kitty’s okay now! He’s in his box. He likes boxes. He inhabits any new box we get. *points at kitty in his box*
Yeah. I’m trying to start commenting more. Because I love lookbook’s emails when someone has commented on something I’ve done.
I’ve only gotten a cavity once! My brother too. I brush my teeth twice a day and never flosss…..but my brother brushes his teeth like twice a week (yeah, it’s disgusting) and they tell me I need to brush my teeth more and they don’t tell me that.
Yeah. Wolframalpha is pretty cool. It will like. Do all sorts of things! (I use it when I know how to solve something but am too lazy to actually do it xD)
Yeah. Über glitches. I don’t approve them überglitches (p.s. facebook stalk me if you are so inclined
Ahaha! YOU LOST AGAIN 1216 WORDS!!!!
David M
p.s. i found a comic i made in spanish for 8th grade, and because my teacher was an obnoxious bitch who also spoke french, i wrote it in french xD. and it's about some guy named PAMPLE. and he dreams of (suicidal) PAMPLEMOUSSES. i'll scan it in so you can see it if you want hahaha.
David M
I want a new laptoppppp. Mine died. And I found this really good online for $400! And it was totally worth it, but nooooooooooooo. My mom was like. Let’s wait and see if it gets cheaper! I told her it wouldn’t- it was a discontinued item- and they SOLD OUT. And now she’s all like. You should have bought that one! And I’m like WTF?!? I WANTED TO. BUT YOU WOULDN’T LET ME.
Now if only it were a nannerpuss cursor it would be so infinetly cool.
Yeah, I zone it out when people yell at me. They never say anything important when yelling I’ve found.
We really barely had a choice until high school, and I wouldn’t have gotten one if I had stayed at the school I was at. (I had to take latin in eight grade too xD) hahah crazy teachers…I’ve had plenty. I hate when they talk about their personal problems though. It’s just really really not cool.
Sign language, though, I’ve determined is pretty much useless. First, they can read and write English- so you can use that to communicate- and in addition, it really bugs me that because it’s a created language (or the original sign language was at least) that people decided they must make their own, so like every country has one. Like Icelandic sign language- Iceland has like 300,000 people. How many could possibly be deaf?
Oh. The meeses. They’re preventing the Americans from having a warm brain. We shall just have to destroy these haaawing creatures so that you can focus on warming our fail brains.
It was okay. But I was ready to leave when it was over. But my STUPID AFRAID OF EVERYTHING IN NEW YORK mother was like WE CAN’T TAKE THE SUBWAY- and I mean, we could get on the express train and end up like seven blocks from the apartment. Come on. But NO. we had to stand in line in the snow for like three hours to get a cab. Because we just COULDN’T get on the stupid SUBWAY.
Hahah I guess it doesn’t. but it involves too much yelling at people xD
A;dsoifhasSWEDEN. Apparently the mystic land of danmark is the happiest. But at least malmö is just an absurdly long bridge away from københavn. So they must be pretty happy too. And I have like 0,30 of the Swedish money toooooooooooo. It’s something LIKE krone, but I think it’s something every so slightly different. No, we haz no Eiffel tower *(cries*
Ooo.ooooo do you know where she went? That’s pretty cool. And all the amazingly gorgeous people are in Iceland and Sweden. Gawd. You see, the Icelanders have all the scandanavian Vikings who were probably pretty to begin with haha and they took all the pretty women from the villages they plundered, and they’ve had like no immigration, so they’ve just had 1000 years of pretty people reproducing hahaha.
My mom made my curtains! When I was like seven though….they’re like blue/white vertical stipes with airplanes on them! (they really aren’t as kiddish as that makes them sound, but you know the still are) they do, however, match the room. My mom has bought some more fabric to make some curtains….like a year and a half ago. And she STILL hasn’t made them. And she wasn’t working for that time until like three weeks ago, so now she’ll NEVER get around to making them.
Yeah, I’ve seen that special paper. But i’m thinking maybe I could just get some like spray paint or india ink or fabric paint or w/e and then I could use tape and make the design of the words and spray paint. It might look really cool. I saw on the forums where someone had made a tree like that. And I was like OAJFHDS;FOUHADSF;OHA WANT. Now. But I’ve also heard that that stuff tends to crack in the washing machine if you wash it enough times.
Well, the French people are far too cool for their fruits de raisin. Pamplemousse is infinitely superior. It’s a pomelo in Spanish. But pamplemousse is better. Pample SHOULD mean something. *files a complaint with the académie française* so you hate the mousse hair product? I think it smells awful. Mousse-y yougurt is okay. I prefer the normal yougurt though.
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pamplemousse is upset with you over that though.
I don’t think I’ve ever actually rofled…I should at some point. Ehaha that’s kind of funny. Meeses blocking traffic and causing accidents…I’ve seen deer do it though.
Yeah the upside down antler thing was HILARIOUS.
Well, actually she was from france to begin with. She lives outside of paris in some place called like maisson-laffitte (it has a weird spelling. So I never remember what it is.) her dad got some job here so they moved her for like three years. But yeah. She was born in germany, so she has citizenship there. And france. And DENMARK. Until she’s 21 I think in Denmark. But still. *flames of jealous rage* I WANNA BE ABLE TO LIVE ALL THOSE PLACES.
Eww. My dad’s family does nothing. So beer and hockey might actually be more interesting haha.
Silly cousins. That’s so illegal in Virginia. (you can’t have sex until you’re 15) because we have dumb laws like that hahaha.
REALLY?!? That’s actually pretty exciting. Haha she’s fucking dumb….all my cousins are a lot younger than me, so idk if they’re fucking dumb yet.
I can’t say I’ve ever planned on going to Trinidad haha…..
We DON’T have cabs. Really. I mean there are some, but they like only go from the airport to downtown. It’s absurd. And you do have to pay the whole way, so they’d come from downtown and that would be like $30 extra.
Ah, no it was okay. I didn’t throw up. I didn’t drink enough for that. I didn’t get like *really* drunk. But I decided I needed to go sleep so I wouldn’t sleep until like noon the next day haha.
Yeah! The nearest h&m to me is actually two stores, they’ve rented the two next to each other. And I have NO idea how it’s divided. It’s not like one is men’s and one is women’s (and there’s kid’s stuff too.) I kinda thought at first it was divided by color, but it’s really not (even though one does have darker stuff than the other, but it has light stuff too.) so I think the designers were just on crack. I wanna go to the h&m flagship in Sweden so bad. LET’S GO xD. It would be an epic adventure.
I get annoyed if my clothes aren’t properly sorted D:
Well, there’s a stop sign right in front of my house, so my guess is the car was moving really really slowly. He didn’t like it. But the vet acted like he would die! That wasn’t cool.
I’m’so addicted to the forums. It’s hopeless. I don’t comment *that* much for the amount I read, but I’ve read like every single one. I especially like the funny omegle conversations one. Someone had posted one I had on here. I was so excited. 1 I talked to someone on loobook. WHO WAS FROM SWEDEN. And then I also was glad someone found me funny enough to be worth posting xD
Yeah! I hate mosquitoes! They never bite my brother. It’s not cool.
Oh. And I got a plugin that does math. But will do it too, and it does it better. Summer makes everyone more stupid. But it’s all okay. Except for that damn summer work…that’s a major pain.
AND I KNOW. But facebook is kinda buggy anyway. It often doesn’t work right for me. So maybe the j thing would just screw it up. But I would love it.
And I have 1309 words. Haha I win.
David M
Oh really? But I mean, it hardly matters. It would erase all your text either way DDD:
Ba..banana cursor?!?!? *flames of jealous rage*
Well, I don’t *tell* her just stop talking now, but I do think it. I usually just stop listening to her xD. I’m not totally sure that she knows that. She probably does. Anyhow, I really don’t care.
I had to start Spanish in 3rd grade. I didn’t actually learn anything until like 8th grade though. 3rd-4th was especially pointless. And they decided. Ooh! I have a good idea! LET’S SPLIT ONE YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL SPANISH OVER THREE YEARS. So they did that in middle school. And we did the second half in 8th grade, so that was the only time it wasn’t totally pointless. But, I think a lot of elementary schools make you take Spanish, but almost all middle schools will allow you to take French instead (some have german too)
In high school it kinda depends, but almost all have Spanish, French, German, Chinese, and Latin. We have in addition to those Japanese, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Russian, ASL (American sign language), and something else but I can’t think of it. We have a six year language requirement >.< which is stupid because you really just don’t learn enough in two years to actually communicate with anyone. And unless you take the AP of whatever language you take, you really don’t learn enough in that either. So it’s just stupid.
Yeah. Nine responses. They were all epic fail. I think the concept of people NOT speaking English is so foreign to people that they just can’t understand that some people don’t xD. GAWD. YOU ARE THE WORST HAT EVER. I think those damn polar bears are too distracting so that no one can learn anything anymore. But now, when people mention stupid Americans, I’m blaming the CANADIANS. Because they aren’t keeping the brain warm.
Yeah. Broadway tickets are insanely expensive. The ones to phantom of the opera were $130… haha yeah i doubt I’ll get into fashion. I have no creativity skillz >.< but I guess there’s always something else to do. That could be kinda cool xD. I WANNA GO TO SWEDEN TOO. But again, it’s really only post-undergrad that they’re good for. And apparently they might change that so you can’t go for free if you’re a foreigner. I wanna leave north America too….oh well.
Well, you still have to *go* to school on an exchange thing, just a nifty English one xD.
OAHSDFPIAUSD. I LOVE IKEA. ONCE I GOT THEIR CATALAOG. It was so exciting!!! I think I might get the next one soon. And they have all sorts of linens and fabrics and their silly little ikea restaurant! I love it! The one nearest to me is just under 2 hours. Maybe like an hour forty five minutes. >.< but, no, no we are not going. It’s really very sad. I wanted to go.
Haha one word t-shirts. They are amazing. I need to go get some cheap t-shirts and get some tape and spray paint or something xD. (I would screen print, but honestly that’s kinda hard to do…)
Haha pample. Pample is pretty awesome. It should mean something I wonder if it does. But, when I hear mousse, I don’t think the hair product but the yummilicous desert thing. My mom is stupid with her mousse. She refuses to get any kind that isn’t aerosol, which is really weird to me because I mean, they’re all pressurized and come out without pumping it…so idk.
And I have no idea. I’ve been told meese, but I think that’s wrong. Word doesn’t recognize it.
And ahahahahahaha stupid ass moose. That’s pretty hilarious. Only in Canada does a moose seriously mess up traffic xD. But I had a friend who was going to Canada and she was like AND I’M GONNA SEE A MOOSE. And she puts her hands up, like with her thumbs on her temples, and with one hand she puts her fingers up, and all the others her fingers pointed down. It was hilarious. And aosdlsidahf I need to se eher before she leaves for france again! She left me last year to move back :/ she never did see her moose with an upside down antler xD
Yeah. I think they pay American income taxes, so idk how you even pay them to two countries, idk. It is a coincidence xD. My dad’s family is all really boring. They never talk. I dun like it.
Haha yeah. I know where it is. One of school administration people is from there xD. I really think those ‘your town is the smartest!’ crap is beyond absurdly stupid. Well maybe in the rest of Canada 52% are dumb as shit xD.
We don’t have cabs! Like. It would cost an absurd amount because they’d have to drive really far to come pick you up. Ahaha. Harder when you’re drunk. My mom would flip out if I got drunk. (okay, one time I did just to see what would happen, but she wasn’t here xD.) my family is very, very, very NOT nocturnal. So that doesn’t work out for me unfortunately. I thought you said you had an h&m? I love h&m. it’s amazing! But they’re all so far away…two hours xD. And yeah, I often wash t-shirts alone, or in a group of a few if they’re new and similar colors.
It’s about an hour from here. It’s okay, but again NOTHING IS EVER ON SALE. Yeah, esprit’s not that great, but I do like their blue. *points at the blue he’s wearing* and it’s also cheap which is always good too. I don’t think suing is really worth the questionable discount I might get xD. I had a lisp when I was little. So I couldn’t make an /s/ sound. It always came out as some fancy looking /s/ that they have for people with a lisp xD. I say you guys some. I hate it. *wants to start using y’all again*
Haha she was kinda funny. And one time. She was like. You. Didn’t. do. The. Homework. Because. It. Wasn’t. on. The. Weekly. Schedule. And then she looked she was about to faint. And then she was like *sigh* I just need to take a few breaths and calm down, because I’m so angry. It was weird/scary as fuck. Eww. Yeah. My cat got hit by a car right after his surgery, and he was in a cage for a long time. He meowed CONSTANTLY, but fortunately it was just a loud breath. Poor kitty. Haha. I love lookbook. I’m hopelessly addicted to the forums. I find them vastly entertaining. And I notice there are a few others too….like ones I can name xD. Zoë, chloe, katrín, elísabet, Daniel.. hahaha.
Yeah. Mosquitoes are evil. I wonder what purpose in the world they serve. I like word! It’s nifty. It’ll do my math homework xD. Yeah. Use notepad. ‘twould be a good idea. And you can be slow in the summer. It’s perfectly allowed, you know. Yeah. I think all things should give you a message before you close them. I know, it’s a dumb feature. It kinda makes sense, but then again NOT when you think you’re typing a text box but really aren’t. I know! I hit j on facebook ALL THE TIME. And it never ever ever ever ever ever EVER works. Sometimes I hit it like 10 times to realize that’s only lookbook xD. I know some people who put p.s.s. it’s really really dumb. It’s stupid. *thumbsup to*
I have 1278 words.

David M
I tried to get her to explain to me what her job is once. But she couldn’t explain it without proper terminology, so I was like…just stop talking now. Please. I don’t get it :/ I don’t like it when I don’t get things
I wish I spoke another language DDD: I guess I’m learning Spanish. But I don’t ever want to like live somewhere where Spanish is a dominant language… so I’ll never be fluent. And they say it’s so useful for all the Hispanic immigrants, which is just really not true, because any of the ones you have to talk to speak some English. And this reminds me- someone on facebook had a status that was like- WHAT LANGUAGE DO THEY SPEAK IN CANADA?
Nine responses.
NO ONE was right. Five said French (and French alone,) three said English alone, and one said English and French (but mainly French.) I was greatly disheartened. Silly Québécois. Speaking French. And messing things up for stupid Americans.
Well, she’s willing to pay for undergrad school, but that’s like $20,000 in state. MED SCHOOL IS MORE EXPENSIVE. Like tuition for med school alone costs more than $20,000 which covers everything. So idk wtf is up with that. Maybe if I get a scholarship…but idk, I really want to be able to move around places. International business, here I come! (except I want to do something for fun and awesome, but idk what that is.)
And yeah! Almost all of western Europe you can go college for free! Or just like 1000 euros a year. SOME EVEN PAY YOU. Like some of the most elite schools (I think one in france does it) they give you money to like BUY STUFF. (I think it’s like food. But STILL)
But only like Sweden and Norway and finland (and maybe the mystic land of danmark. Idk) will let foreigners go there for free. But I looked on and while they have tons of English language programs, they’re mainly for master’s degrees. Maybe I could get my economics M.A. from the university of Stockholm (Which would be SO COOL I WANT IT SO BADDDDDDDD)
I wanted to do an exchange for my junior year of high school but my mom was like NO. NO. NO. NO. but I guess it would be hard for her, because my brother and I would both be gone for the first time. And it would screw up my courses, but fuck that. I want to do it. But I’d have to go to England, and I don’t want to do that. Unless I can learn another language that fast (which I bet I could, if I tried hard and it was western European)
I FUCKING LOVE IKEA. My mom says we’re going TOMORROW (well today now…) BUT OMG WANT WANT WANT WANT WANT. We need a bookcase. I’ll bet we’ll just get one locally from the far insuperior and unpainted version of ikea. It’s like good wood unfinished furniture or something like that xD
PAMPLEMOUSSE IS AMAZING. In addition to a one word t-shirt that says pants, I want PAMPLEMOUSSE. It’s so amazing! How English go the lame ass grapefruit is beyond me. (and I always want to spell beyond beyound. I can never type it right)
The ticket? Like $90. It was absurdly expensive.
Haha…my grandfather didn’t travel the world. One died when my dad was 16, and the other just…didn’t do it.
Yeah, he’s the director of the east. So he moves all around asia. And they have to move every five years, because otherwise you have to start paying taxes xD. Which I find funny.
Everyone but them lives here. My mom’s family is all in my town, and my dad’s is in a town an hour away (we’re so alike xD)
What’s her home country? *guesses*
Queens in new York? Haha. It would take that long to drive across I’m sure.
But seriously? What is it
Once, my town was the NUMBER FIVE most dangerous in the u.s. THAT was a big deal. We were like #20 the next year. But uncle sam gave us a bunch of money for it. So it’s okay.
Yeah. I’d love to be at parties until three, but I have no way to get home. 1. I can’t drive yet, and 2. No one will come get me that early, and the buses don’t run then. And even when I can drive, I can’t drive from 12 until 4 for w/e reason. I guess I’d have to wait until 4 xD.
And yeah, my mom thinks I’m yelling at her a lot when I’m really not. And she doesn’t like it when I tell her that I’m not yelling either. It’s epically not cool. I don’t approve of it.
You hate American apparel’s shirts? I don’t actually have one xD but they were really soft. I really like my h&m ones though. I want an h&m. it’s not fair that I don’t have one. *Wantwantwantwant* or I could move to germany and get some online xD yeah, you do have to be careful washing cotton. It’s a pain. I got a shirt from this French brand esprit (it has a really pretty shade of blue) and it shrunk so much I couldn’t wear it. And the nearest store they had was in new York. But then I discovered one in some dumb outlet mall an hour away!!!! (I never go. But it is there xD.) and the outlet mall is dumb. It’s like a bunch of brand name stores, but things are discounted like 10%. Wtf? That’s not a sale. You basically have to pay full retail price, but you get a huge selection. But I guess people can’t shop and think 10% is a deal. Failures.
The council = cancel (and a counselor sounds like a canceler xD) really bugs my brother. But w/e. I’m not stopping. I like quirks like that (: but yeah, no one ever thinks I really have an accent so matter where I am. And yeah. Y’ALL. Some people hate it. But w/e. I like y’all. The English language fails at a lack of a separate plural second person pronoun, so the north (like new jersey. It’s the north xD) got you guys (FAIL) and the south got the amazing y’all. I say it less than I used to because my stupid friends are far too northern (again. Like new York xD) and they don’t’like it. I should start using it again.
Yeah, twelfth night was kinda sorta funny. They did a good job performining it though.
Yeah. TERM-I-NOL-O-GY. She was a fat bitch.
My cat isn’t fat! But he can’t meow ): it’s very sad
I know about the emails. I recently had to switch mine, so like only lookbook has my email now, so my entire inbox is basically filled by lookbook. It’s amazing. I like it when I get emails. Even if they’re just from lookbook, where I spend far, far too much time anyway.
Yeah. I was going to write this and go to a bed at like 12:10. It’s 12:38 now and it has yet to be finished. And I HATE IT WHEN mosquitoes get inside. And I write my responses in Microsoft word now xD. Because I can have whatever you wrote open in one window and word in the one next to it. And should it try to close, it always gives me a warning xD. Because WHOEVER DECIDED THAT HITTING BACKSPACE ON A WEBPAGE SHOULD TAKE YOU BACK SHOULD BE SHOT. And, just wondering, do you ever find yourself hitting j on other webpages besides lookbook trying to move down the page and it doesn’t work? I do it ALL THE TIME.
And I’m glad it’s all good.
p.s. MINE HAS 1399 NOW
pps. Yea! People said they liked the shirt both on the look and the thread, BUT THEY DIDN’T HYPE. Even though I spent like 5 minutes to take that picture. I think tomorrow I may take that down and put up a better picture of it.
Ppps. I’m really glad you know it’s pps and not pss, because post post scriptum (After after that which was written) is much better than pss (after that was written that which was written) it really bugs me when people latin fail. Ahaha latin….memories (:
David M
My mom’s working on the wells fargo/Wachovia merger. She does with dda’s and sweep accounts xD. (dda is a checking account.) exactly what she does I have *no* idea
You’ve really never been to another province? That’s sad! *takes to montréal* it’s amazing! They have cool stuff. And they’re French. So they’re awesome that way too hahaha.
I think it’s counseling with an s….idk. my mom wants me to go to med school. But she’s also making me pay for it. And I’m like….that’s $150,000 I don’t have…idk. I want to major in linguistics but like whatever does one do with that? Maybe economics. Probably something boring. But I don’t want to medicine either because that makes it oh-so-very difficult to move around and live in various fun/amazing places. Like STOCKHOLM. Where you can go to college for free!
And DUH. EVERYONE LOVES IKEA. It’s amazing! I’ve always been once. But it was like OMGSWEDENISSOFUCKINGAWESOMEGASM. If they name a furniture line PAMPLEMOUSSE and another STUPÉFIANT then my life would be totally complete. (p.s. I want a clothing line called pamplemousses aux stupéfiants xD)
I found my hairspray ticket going through crap today! Haha. I threw it away. It was okay. But I mean, not really worth the ticket price. I want to travel the world. I don’t care about anything else xD. Oh, and I want money to buy their clothes. And my aunt and uncle just moved from shanghai! And before they were in Tokyo! I wanted to go. But no. I didn’t get to. Oh well. Now they’re in Mumbai, india, I’ll have to go stalk them now…
Yeah. My mom is overly afraid of danger. Like her friend is going to Haiti and she’s all like. THEY HAVE ARMED GUARDS. IT’S NOT SAFE. You know, THE ARMED GUARDS KEEP YOU SAFE. DUH. I hate irrationality :/
Yeah. I was at my old school really late once (like eleven. BUT I LIVE THREE BLOCKS AWAY.) and my mom FLIPPED OUT. But she was cool by the next day haha. I hate it when people get insanely mad for no reason.
And, no, no it is not XL AA should NOT exist. Oh, and I went into that need supply co store I mentioned earlier. They were having a HECK YEAH sale. And they had ALTERNATIVE apparel shirts, but they had girls’american apparel shirts. So maybe they used to have guys aa. Idk. But either way. I like them. But I think they cost too much.
Haha I’m above average height (:
I went to a thrift shop today as well…(it was a really small one) there was nothing there, unfortunately.
Yeah! Even though, when I was volunteering in some store today and I was greeting/walking around the sales floor, I felt myself giving the death glare to these three like shockingly beautiful teenagers (I know it sounds weird when I say that, but that whole place today was like walking through the pages of lookbook, those three being the ones with the really pretty photos xD) haha yeah I won’t ever actually steal anything. But w/e. stealing cookie dough? I LOVE COOKIE DOUGH. But I would just make it….it takes like ten minutes.
yeah. even -5 is fucking cold (But if you’re using Celsius then -5 is actually slightly colder)
idk. It’s probably to like integrate the poor and the rich people. Idk. It’s dumb.
Well, the intersate next to school is over some train tracks, which are like 20 feet below groundlevel. And the intersate is like 20 above. So you’d have to climb a fence, jump down 20 into brambles, and then climb up it. And like the busiest street in the city is like a block away. (But the year before I came a truck fell off the intersate! I wish I were there for that…)
And nope, I don’t have an accent. I mean I say a few words weirdly (like council sounds the same as cancel) but I think that’s just because I say them wrong. I do, however, say y’all (SOMETIMES I even say all y’all or thank y’all and that really gets people….)
I saw a performance of twelfth night. It was pretty cool. But yeah, I don’t really like reading Shakespeare much either. Damn. I can’t get an 89 in English anymore even if I do read. Hahahah. My math teacher failed at math too. But she always said BEFORE WE MOVE ONTO THE NEXT PHASE OF NOTES, WE NEED TO GO OVER SOME TERM-I-NOL-O-GY. It was funny haha.
My cat’s orange and precious! And not fat.
I know! That’s why it took me so long to respond. I wasn’t up to writing a freakin’ book ahah.
p.s. I was about to respond but then I decided to go ahead and have bleach fest summer 2009 (I collect a pile of stuff to bleach, and every four months I do it. Because bleach scares me :/) but then I decided I would bleach this t-shirt I had bleach stains on already, so you should totally hype my look because like two comments on it and like four on the forum thread said they liked it BUT NO ONE HYPED IT. And I don’t approve of this! >.<
p.s. this was 882 words.
David M
Haha. I have no idea what my mom does. My uncle’s the ‘director of the east’ for some major like insurance company. I think. No one really knows what he does.
New York is amazing! In like every way! Except it’s expensive hahaha. And montréal is far superior. You know you *really* want to go there. Well. Psychology is everyone’s backup. At least you have some idea. I have nooooooooooooo idea what I want to do. And new York like *is* downtown. No one cares about the suburbs unless you want some adventures at ikea (:
It’s hard as hell to retire in paris. You’d have to go back to Canada like every three months to renew your visa (you can’t get a work visa without a job haha. But then again you can’t get a job without a work visa…so it’s pretty damn near impossible. Stupid frenchies. xD)
It never works out how you think. I wanna go to Sweden really bad though. (you can go to college for free!..there and Norway and finland too hahaha)
Yeah. That trip SUCKED. Fortunately I had gone to new York for the first time (that I like actually remember) like two weeks before. But it was okay, because when I left the first time I was really sad, but I kept telling myself- you’re coming back in two weeks!!
Wait? Go where? The apple store or the nba store? The apple store has this cool cube thingy for an entrance…but the downstairs is the same as any other one, just bigger…
There are a couple I want to see…most are probably okay. The phantom of the opera was pretty cool. And the play hairspray was significantly better than the movie xD
She’s afraid she’ll get shot if she goes to the lower east side I do believe. I have no idea why.
Yeah, I know, I wouldn’t have let me go either, but that didn’t stop me from really wanting to go anyway! And she let me walk around alone in rome! (where I had neither a cell phone nor Italian language skillz….) I think though she just thought I was going to walk around the like enormous park next to our hotel…I didn’t xD
Any like ‘let’s buy overstock stuff and sell it cheap!’ stores often have really weird sizes. You don’t sound like a bitch. It’s okay. (what I find weird is XL American apparel clothes……..)
30 x 36 would be like a waist for really skinny people who are like six and half + feet tall. (haha I’m 5’11� and mine’s 32 x 32 in dress(y) pants and 32/33 (depends on the brand/fit) x 30 in jeans. I need to try exploring our thrift stores…but it’s so hard because there’s so much junk it’s hard to sort through it all xD.
I hate shopping in small stores unless my mom is with me because I really do get that YOU’RE STEALING SOMETHING look. Sometime I’ll actually do it (well. Not really. But still.) and see what they say.
Yeah, I’d like to see her in concert actually. But I wouldn’t be able to stand waiting in line either.
Yep! They’re pretty awesome. And the singers CAN ACTUALLY SING. It’s like BLASPHEMOUS. Especially Sharon den Adel from within temptation <3. Christian metal is weirdddddddddd. But the weirdest are these people called elueveitie (their name is something in Etruscan, a language spoken in what’s now Tuscany, north of rome in Italy, like 2000 or so years ago) and they have this one song called dessumiis luge whose lyrics are taken from an ancient gaulish curse (gaulish was the ancestor of the now extinct continental celtic languages, spoken by the ancient gauls in modern day france) against rome. They say something about invoking some god and then they list a whole lot of names. it’s not so much scary as just kind of surreal….
Haha eurodance/pop. Idk…it’s kinda like American pop, but with a stronger beat. And I think it’s better, and it’s absurdly catchy. And I always enjoy finding the ones where the ‘censored’ versions and the ‘explicit’ versions have the same lyrics, but different videos….it makes me laugh.
A lot of places here put the gifted programs in the crappy schools (We have our own school….in a ghetto haha. It’s right next to the interstate highway!) my guess is to like integrate people…idk. It’s dumb.
Haha the slang was all gooddddddd. (southern united states win!) I thought it was fine, but not so wonderful as people thought
I think Shakespeare’s okay…I don’t think it’s that hard to understand. But you do need to read one or two of them to be able to understand them.
I question, really, if she knows how to use a calculator to even find the scores…her math skills were beyond atrocious.
And. Eww. That is gross. I hate it when my cat throws up (he does a lot!) he had this surgery a few years ago where they tied one of his vocal cords back so he could breathe, and now he like coughs and hiccups and throws up a lot more. He sounds like he’s going to die like twice a day. And he can’t meow either! So it throws me through a loop whenever I hear a cat meow.
p.s. this message took up an entire two pages of a word document xD
David M
macy's is just a department store. it's not great, but you get some pretty good stuff on clearance
haha the blackberry people. that made me laugh
i rarely pay attention to the ads, but i noticed it because i had actually heard of it
i wanna move to new york too! actually, i really want to move to paris or stockholm, but that's significantly more difficult to do :/ stupid visas...
i went a school trip to new york once. it was for orchestra/band/choir hahahahh. we had this like two hour lesson with this crazyyyyyyyy guy. i think we went to see hairspray....and we did some other dumb thing too. OH. we waited in line in the empire state building for like three hours. and then one day we had like shopping planned for like 5 hours. which sucked. because all anyone wanted to do was go into the nba store. i was there for like three hours :/ (we went to the apple store too...)
my mom won't go to the lower east side. i think she'd go to the village though (she wouldn't let me go by myself. oh well...)
century 21 was kinda was huge, but there were so many people that anything decent had already been taken, which kinda sucked. they only really had things in really weird sizes. like 30 x 36. who could possibly wear that?!?
i've never found any decent thrift shops here! maybe I just need to look harder.
yeah, i know a lot of people steal stuff but i still hate having them stare at me incessantly O.O haha stores like artizia amuse me. overpriced crap stores that you could make after watching a five minute video on youtube are so funny. i feel bad going with a friend(s) because we never actually buy anything....i hate going into small stores and not buying anything.
we have a lot of people come, actually, but like never anyone i have any interest in actually going to see....except i kinda would like to see lady gaga, because she's just so amazingly bizarre hahah.
oh, and i just don't know the people with connections to the cool stuff here...
haha my music collection....i made a top 25 playlist like two days ago, and 24 of the 25 were something called symphonic metal...look up within temptation and nightwish if you don't know what it is, because i would fail at describing it. it's not really metal, but whatever it may be is accompanied by a symphony's kinda weird, but kinda awesome at same time
and then when i excluded those to make another top 25, it was all like euro dance/pop stuff....
haha nope! i was in 9th grade english. she was just bitchy and hated me for some reason. we can't take ap english until 12th grade. and yes we do have it.
ours is like (we don't have the 'normal' classes because we're a smart people school haha): honors, plus (basically more advanced versions of honors, mainly designed for if you want to go on to the ap), vcu (Virginia commonwealth university- they have some classes that are technically college classes, and i really don't know why, because most are just easier versions of the ap class...except like one math class above what the ap levels go to), and then we have ap too
i really didn't like to kill a mockingbird either. lots of people loveddddddddddd it. i think you have to be from the southern united states though, otherwise you just kinda miss out on it...the only reason she did it is because her slide rule grading thingy didn't go down below 25 xD so she couldn't give people like a 16 (apparently she's too lazy to use a calculator)
David M
the greater area of my town has like a million people (and virginia has a really bizarre independent city system, so the technical city, where i live, has like 200,000) but it's a predominately very poor city, and the stores we have are like out in the suburbs, and they're kinda just run of the mill expensive mall stores that aren't really that great. a lot of my clothes come from macy's actually haha.
and it's not a thrit store, actually, it's called need supply co. (they advertise on lookbook, but maybe i just get them because i live near them...idk)
i have NO idea why they were cheaper, but they were. maybe they bought them on clearance or get them online in bulk pretty cheaply if you want to buy like 50, so i bet they did that.
and i LOVE NEW YORK. my brother hates it, so i never get to go. but now my mom's ah-fucking-mazing college roomate lives there (she's so hilarious. like everything she says is funny, and i love her.) so i need to convince my mom take me up sometime (it's like 6-8 hours by car, like 1.5 by plane, but of course that's just the flight....)
i really wanted to go explore thrift stores like in the west village and the lower east side, but my mom wouldn't let me :/
haha yeah, i understand shopping with a billion people. there's this store in new york called century 21, it's like a thift deparment store (like cheap stuff, but new, you see?) it probably had some good stuff, but i've never seen so many people in one place....
so i had to leave. but shopping in a store all alone is even worse...the salespeople always stare at you like you're going to steal something, and i hate it.
i don't think my town's really that boring, honestly, but i'm not friends with the right people....and my tastes in stuff are so weird that like no bands ever come here...they either never leave europe or only hit the major cities, like new york <3

and the book was called till we have faces by c.s. lewis. it's supposedly a retelling of cupid and psyche, but it was kinda hard to see....(thank god he didn't change the names xD) but it had very little plot and was incredibly symbolic, so you need to like read it and study it. not just read it, which is what this thing should have been for in the first place. my dad wrote his senior thesis to get his b.a. in religion, which i think says something about the inappropriateness of this book for what we were doing.
and we had a school wide vote it, and people were too stupid to realize it would SUCK. and the other two to choose from were by the same author and had similar stories....which was stupid and unfair too.
i feel that being in one of the top 15 PUBLIC ELITES high schools in the country (i.e. we're supposedly the top 15 smartest, based on test scores) people should be able to see that. but i guess not.
and my teacher was like IF YOU SCORED BELOW A 50 ON THE TEST, I JUST GAVE YOU A 50. i feel that my 56 should have gotten something too :/ i bet she tried to curve it, but it didn't work, because you need a normal distribution, and she would have had peaks in the 90s and the like 40s on it. but still unfairness.
David M
well it really was very strange, but yeah, it was good too haha. my english teacher was kinda bitchy. she'd be really cool sometimes, and then she'd just snap. it annoyed me greatly :/ for the second semester, everything literature related i got between 84-87. except one quiz which i got a 92 on and then a test for some god awful book that i head like two months earlier WHEN SHE TOLD US TO that i got a 56 on. i never really recovered from that...
and honestly, i don't like american apparel. at all. their t-shirts are okay, but they cost too much. but there's another store down the street that sells american apparel t-shirts for less than american apparel $6 less, which is fairly significant when it only costs $18 to begin with.
the nearest h&m to me is like 20 minutes from my house, but they don't have men's clothes. gråg. i don't approve.
the nearest one that does is like two hours away. (and there are three. all about two hours.)
i have a bunch of their clothes though that i got at a sample sale at the flagship in new york (i didn't even know h&m had sample sales...)
but then again, it doesn't really matter...i buy all my clothes like twice a year when i go other places with better stores (-:þ
David M
i hope no one's that dumb. unfortunately, i think people are.
hahah people tell me i'm really smart all the time. i guess i am. idk. and my english teacher didn't think i can write an essay...i got like 14/20 on all of them. however, my history teacher last year told me i had the best out of his like 80 students. so idk.
haha my town's old too, but all the cool stuff is like ghetto now. so it scares me. we have a giant university too! biggest in the state as a matter of fact. xD. and we have two more, one of which is medium-sized, the other is kinda small. i know a lot of people who can't find jobs. in fact, i think the only person i know who has one is my brother...and my mom can never take me anywhere, and the only place i can get is what's supposedly the 9th best shopping district in the south...i don't see it. the #2 i've been to also, and it's really not that much better xD. and they both have american apparels. and I LOVE ORANGE CHOCOLATE. it's like my favorite thing EVER
and this stuff, it was called moutarde maille aux pamplemousse et poivre vert (haha i fail at french, so hopefully i spelled that right...)
but anyway, yeah, it had grapefruit and green pepper like IN the mustard. it was like dijon mustard, so fancier than what you put on hot dogs, but yeah. the recipe on the website it linked to involved like cooking steak in a pan and then making a reduction sauce with red wine and this mustard. it was really good actually :/
but apparently they only have the pamplemousse mustard in france now!!! ������:þ i don't like it.
David M
um, well he did. but it may have been scripted. i hope it was scripted. and yeah, i've learned. i no longer take videos longer than 1.5 minutes my camera is willing to do xD. i'm 15 tooo! i have a volunteer job at a store. so i don't get paid hahaha. and you like can't hold a normal job in the u.s. being 15 (i mean, you can, but you have so many restrictions that only like pools will hire you to be lifeguards) but my mom likes taking me on adventures! (that's the only place i've ever gone with my dad....)
there's this store near my house called 'for the love of chocolate' which basically has a bunch of expensive european candy (mainly chocolate, but some other stuff too) and i love it. i go like once a week and get the clearance stuff normal americans don't like. like 85% cocoa chocolate with orange in it. it was SO GOOD. and this one time. they had some mustard. ONE HAD GRAPEFRUIT IN IT. which was beyond wonderful actually. i'll see if i can find that video again...
David M
it was amazing! i sorta thought i wouldn't like it, because that's not really my thing, BUT IT WAS AMAZING. i wish i had more pictures. i thought taking videos would be more important :/
i've since learned. i never watched them. my brother had some pics though. and these are Galapagos penguins, so they're like 1.5 feet tall, but they were so cute! and yeah, i think there's actually really aerodynamic (if they could fly- aquadynamic maybe? haha)
and that's so sad! you should go have adventures. i just discovered i have like 20 danish kroner. so i could buy like. one expensive-ish european chocolate bar haha. we could have a party. to celebrate penguins and igloos. and when they say 30 percent of americans, do they mean 30% of united-statesians (and there need to be a word for that. how come everyone else has one and we don't!?!? )-':þ) i saw this other video where they asked this guy
'how many eiffel towers are in paris?'
- i think about 10
'how many sides does a triangle have?'
-um, four!

i think the other nine Eiffel towers are hard to find because they're in the shape of those elusive four sided triangles.
David M
yeah! my dad took me to ecuador (and told me like three days before we left...) but we went to the Galapagos islands and they had REAL LIFE PENGUINS. i was so excited!!! i would have pounced on it, but i think it's discouraged :/ (actually it's illegal,) plus it's very hard to pounce while snorkeling and those things are FAST. it's insane!

haha yeah. i was going to say it was a small island off the coast of denmark, but then i realized that they wouldn't have heard of denmark and it wouldn't be as funny that way.
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