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I Love Tartan

Badia Cupcake - Angelic Pretty Headbow, Neant Glass Heart Necklace, A Gato Designs Dress - I Love Tartan
HYPE 117


Badia Cupcake - Angelic Pretty Headbow, Angelic Pretty Unicorn Necklace, Innocent World Antique Cutlery Jsk, Angelic Pretty Socks - Cutlery
HYPE 191

The Vampire Bride

Tori - Angelic Pretty Rose Prima Jsk, Alice And The Pirates A Piece Of Red Märchen Stripe Blouse, Angelic Pretty Princess Rose Tights, Angelic Pretty Sister Veil Black, Lockshop Wigs Dolly Chocolate Cherry, Angelic Pretty Horror Coffin, Angelic Pretty Cross Charm Lace Glove - The Vampire Bride
HYPE 474

Space Cats

Badia Cupcake - Target Space Cat Dress, Angelic Pretty Star Bag, Yru Star Boots - Space Cats
HYPE 408

Holy Lantern

Badia Cupcake - Triple Fortune Bonnet, Angelic Pretty Holy Lantern Jsk - Holy Lantern
HYPE 505

Blue tartan

Yumi E.G. - Angelic Pretty Tartan Dress - Blue tartan

Misty Sky

Melva Yan - Angelic Pretty Misty Sky, Angelic Pretty Misty Sky - Misty Sky
HYPE 524

Gothic Doll

Yumi E.G. - Angelic Pretty Bonnet, Maxicimam Velvet Bustier, Innocent World Embroidery Skirt - Gothic Doll
HYPE 161


Yumi E.G. - Angelic Pretty Tartan Jsk, Atelier 17 Stars Tights, Melissa Ballerina Heels - Ravenclaw
HYPE 132

Tartan again

Yumi E.G. - Baby The Stars Shine Bright Tartan Jacket, H.Naoto Bag, Angelic Pretty Velvet Skirt - Tartan again
HYPE 144

Go to Paris

Yumi E.G. - Angelic Pretty Twinkle Star Jsk - Go to Paris


Yumi E.G. - Angelic Pretty Heart Bag, Baby The Stars Shine Bright Fairy Print Skirt - Fairy
HYPE 139

Punk lolita

Yumi E.G. - H.Naoto Gramm Cardigan, Angelic Pretty Tartan Dress, Sergio Todzi Platform Boots - Punk lolita
HYPE 242


Yumi E.G. - Angelic Pretty Twinkle Star Jsk, Atelier 17 Starrynight Tights - Stars
HYPE 117

Blue roses

Yumi E.G. - Axes Femme Lace Top, Moi Meme Moitie Flowers Skirt, Angelic Pretty Heart Bag - Blue roses
HYPE 178


Candy Thorne - Bodyline Gingham Op, Angelic Pretty Alice Book Bag, Angelic Pretty Bow Shoes - Hanami
HYPE 300
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