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Paula Aparicio

Paula Aparicio

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Musa De Lirio
Disculpa no haber respondido tu comentario antes, soy medio volada :P. Gracias por tu comentario, es gratificante encontrar compatriotas :)
Adelso G.
Hey. + FAN
Veronika Gersdorf
i like you, you are cool
Hermione Granger
i like your profile picture (or whatever that picture next to your description is called) very much!
Kyle Landry
Yeah I need to get some posted, I just need to find the time to take some photos!

But the movie was so good, I balled through most of it!
Kyle Landry
Just wanted to say I saw your display picture and love it! I hope to be seeing the movie today!
Dana Lee
I really love your profile picture :)
Matthew Fontaine
Now why would you call me Monster.. that is my question? =P
James Demitriou
you should post a new picture......
hello! sorry i just saw you comment about creating the hairdo with the floral headscarf on my look. well basically i curled my whole head of hair the day before - then slept on it. i backcombed it really big the next day and then placed the headband in.. just behind the parting of my fringe. i messily pinned sections of hair up with normal hair grips.. and did this until all my hair was up. hope this helped.
James Demitriou
hey paula hope all goes well for your country men in that mine!!!
Alexei Piñones León
una chileeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeena:D que bcn!
yo soy de la tercera region y tu ?
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