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Antonia Gissa
yup youre the only thing that's happening, its time to leave the party. [you should write a book :) i didnt know if i was going to cry or faint when you dropped me a really long letter. very very nice person you are, thank you:)]. I didnt respond cause I could never be as fun to read as you. But i just wanted to let you know that I was so thankful.
Nayr Naganalf
The collective fashion consciousness seems to be very safe and boring!
Antonio Castro
hey, can you see my new look and tell me what you think?
that was my first job as designer, so if you like it, you can find all the pictures in

thank you, xoxo
Andre Judd
Nayr thanks for the hype, fan and comment on my page:)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kalindy W
hello ry ry!
Jennica Castro
Oh my! Nayr, thank you so much! you're awesome!!!!!
Jennica Castro
Hi Nayr! Happy new year to you and to your family as well!;) fanned you dear!!! love your looks!;) take care always!!!

Nat Rekhviashvili
i like ur style, fanned
Nayr Naganalf
like perfection, originality may be a lie ~
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