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Ella Williamson

Ella Williamson

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Charlie Matthews
thankyou darling. stay in touch x
Renée Sturme
sorry, i don't have a mailing list, i post updates on my blog though.
Antonio de Domenici
very tru. but im not :)
Jessica Searle
i love you ella.
Antonio de Domenici
haha yeah dont do that :) i could be some psycho crazy killer or something. hahah
Antonio de Domenici
lol :) truuue! but iw ish i were able to!
id get u a gooood fierce gift ;) hahahah
Gleb Kozlov
thnk )
Antonio de Domenici
well my first idea is INVITE ME! (: hahah other than that.. id have to think about it :)
Antonio de Domenici
hahha wowzers at ur comment!!! lol. that was a lot to take it! (: lol mine is going to be no where near as long as urs! hahah but yeah. finals for me are coming up next week... gah! itll be ok though, im almost done everything! :) yay... how have u been lately?
Antonio de Domenici
when i said "this" there was a "..." which was basically a pause. lol so it read "and this weird guy!" lol btu with a pause :)
and yes. u are so OG gangster status!!! hahhaa my weekend was good tho... even tho it just started basically hahah :) what about urs? because the bruises and such! haha i wish i sleptwalked. dunno why but i doooo! (:
Antonio de Domenici
hahah very detailed but i dont mind! im good though... just woke up about 5 minutes ago from a freaky dream about work and this... wierd guy! it was uhhh yeah. lol but have fuuun! and sounds like u need to "dress down" today. lol dont wanna get any garments duurrttyyy! (:
Ellie P
hey ella! thanks for commenting, you're such a sweetie:) your pictures are lovely!
Amber Kaz
thank you for the <3 my dearr.
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