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The Flickr Commons project has been working some of the biggest public photo libraries to get their a selection of their archives online.

There are collections from Library of Congress, The Smithsonian in the US, Imperial War Museum in the UK to name just a few.

Looking through, it is quite surprising to see the rich document of every day life and fashion that has been captured.

Have a sift through and see what you find.

I have been looking the tag 1910s - and have discovered some style gems.

For the lesser known people that have been photographed, I am always fascinated by who they really were, where they came from, where happened to them after the photo was taken.
So much crystallized in a moment...

Some randomly selected favourites:

A very elegant portrait with a poignant backstory to remind us of the huge tragedy of war:

And some other social scenes: (love the little girl's outfit!) (strange scene)

My favourite so far! (love how children were dressed to be miniatures of their parent's style - look at the details of both of their outfits!)

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Wow these are beautiful photos thanks so much for sharing!!

Here are a few I like... I don't know why but they just seem so in love.. this is such a cute photo.. i love her 'do this photo has a certain grace and beauty about it.. and if someone posted it here they'd get a lot of hype i'm sure :)

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@Camille ..

Camille, you are spot-on with your commentary on these pictures! I love that first shot....

With the really old pictures, it is interesting to see how photography was used and how photographed subjects behaved (that stiff body stance).

Maybe it is due to an apprehension surrounding this new technology? Most likely it was concentration at having to stand totally still while the camera was lined up and gathered power to shoot!

For years I thought life in the early 20th century really was a Charlie Chaplin film: b&w, sped up piano music, and everyone walking really fast!

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