Is your family as fashionable of you?

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Emmett Clarke

Emmett C.

United Kingdom

18 posts

mine are and then arn't...
my dad tries to be fashionable but then he tucks his shirts into his jeans! eek >.<

my sisters dress well i guess...
post pictures of your family!

over 10 years ago

Georgia Lonergan

Georgia L.


162 posts

my mother could dress really nice if she put in some effort maybe, haha. some of the stuff she wears just doesn't suit her shape though and her jeans are two sizes too small. it's horrible, but i feel terrible telling her that maybe her jeans are a few sizes too small. when winter comes around maybe i'll suggest a new pair to her.

my sister is absolutely crazy. one minute she's wearing something gorgeous, next minute she's wearing things that don't match in any way, shape, or form. i think she's probably the most original person you will ever meet. EVER. i just can't describe her. while sometimes i have to push her in the right direction, i'd say she definitely has an original style. i often buy her clothes, too.

as for my dad... he is dadish. hahaha. like my mother, he really needs a new pair of jeans (not that he's jeans don't fit him - rather the fact that he hasn't bought a new pair in over ten years) and perhaps some tshirts that fit him a little. there is a lot of room for improvement with him, haha.

0 · February 6, 2010

Louis D.

Louis D.


13 posts

My mom and sister are very fashionable. My dad, on the other hand, isn't too bad, typical dress shirt, khakis kind of guy. Although when he does wear a tie, only with a suit, they're the loudest, most obnoxious colours you'd ever seen, almost tie-dye-like. Good thing he doesn't wear suits often. Thankfully all his sensible ties he gave to me including his Dior tie he got as a gift, so I'm happy.

0 · February 6, 2010

Amy P.

Amy P.

United States

244 posts

They don't dress bad at all.
But I would say they don't put half as much attention as I do when getting dressed (:

0 · February 6, 2010

Ruth O'Reilly

Ruth O.


143 posts

My dad wins, he wears socks with sandles and tucks his shirt in ;)
my mom is just causal but not like a normal mom if you get me, like you could say woah that is nice..
i think i in a way influenced on my older brother and sister cause they started getting into fashion recently..

0 · February 6, 2010

Célèste Fohl

Célèste F.

United States

1100 posts

Literally no one in my family cares about fashion at all. It can be frustrating. They think I waste my money.

0 · February 11, 2010

Rachael S

Rachael S.

United States

32 posts

I live on a farm, so clothes get ruined really easily if they are washed with the barn clothes... which my mom does often without realizing it. My mom has some moments of being really fashionable. Overall, she doesn't dress badly, just typically mom-clothing.
My dad almost always wears barn clothes. He rarely goes out. He does sport the occasional plaid shirt when he does go out though. He looks like a stereotypical farmer.
My oldest brother wears jeans with shirts with beer names on them or a Red Sox shirt.
My oldest sister's style has a wide range. She'll wear a lot of band tees and plain blue jeans.
My other brother dresses somewhat redneck. He's obsessed with Larry the Cable Guy and John Dear. Nuff' said.
My other sister dresses kind of bohemian. At one point, she wanted to go to school for fashion design, but she changed her major since.

0 · February 14, 2010

Adrianna T.

Adrianna T.

United States

275 posts

Ha! No.
My dad usually wears pants and a collared shirt for work and southpark pajamas when he's at home.
And my mom has nice clothes, but she never wears them. Instead she wears jogging suits, and she doesnt even work out : /

0 · February 14, 2010

Cara E

Cara E.

United Kingdom

374 posts

my sister's really fashionable, my mum and dad are kind of. my mum likes long jumpers, leggings, jeans and that and my dad normally just wears a plain jumper, old t-shirt and jeans.

0 · February 15, 2010

Halloumi B.

Halloumi B.

United Arab Emirates

72 posts

my moms side is soo fashionable.
my dads is not. my dad is average, dresses fine, but does the tucking in the shirt thingy =|

0 · February 15, 2010

Emily Golding

Emily G.

United Kingdom

31 posts

No they are terrible ! My nans the best

0 · February 18, 2010

Johanna R

Johanna R.


898 posts

parents: pratical > fashionable! pratical clothes FTW!
18 year old sister: quite nice, but improvable.

0 · February 18, 2010

Mecenzi Jones

Mecenzi J.

United States

48 posts

my sister's are butch lesbians, and my dad wears cargo pants and old rock and roll t-shirts everyday, topped off with they all have gages to make it all better. my family has horrible style.

0 · February 18, 2010

Meta Hillmann

Meta H.

United States

198 posts

my parents both modeled at some point in their lives....
my mother was a leg and hand model, and my dad posed for photography, and was also once in an issue of the German Elle.

my mother has now her own style, but still follows fashion, and she says my grandmother used to always force her to wear the current trends when she was younger. like she was the first girl to wear pants with a zipper in the front, and was the first girl to wear long skirts instead of minis.... etc.
my dad tries to follow trends, but doesnt really do it.
i only ever see him in office clothes or in bike clothing, since both of my parents are cyclists.

0 · February 20, 2010

Allison Pittman

Allison P.

United States

123 posts

My mom wore the same uniform to work for 20 years. A navy pencil skirt with a white dress shirt and a navy blazer. So she would always come home and put on sweats. But, really, could you blame her? Though she does have a lot of cute dressy tops...several of which are now in my closet. (;
My dad wears jean shorts in the summer. 'Nuff said. My stepdad is the same.
My sister dresses wonderfully. She has so many simple pieces it makes me envious.

0 · March 13, 2010

Katie Cummins

Katie C.

United States

70 posts

@Allison P.

haha i never noticed it, but now that i think of it, your mother did have the same outfit on everytime i saw her.

anyway, i'm always telling my mother i'm putting her on what not to wear. she never wears anything but tennis shoes, for starters. she wears jeans with no shape and she lives in tshirt (when she's not at work) she's had the same haircut/style since she was a junior in highschool. my mother is really cute and when i try to help her look more up-to-date, she always tells me she's too old to look fashionable (she's 44, so whatever that's not old)

my step dad is about the same as my mom haha. and my older brother goes between tshirts and jeans and polos and sandals.

0 · March 13, 2010

Allison Pittman

Allison P.

United States

123 posts

@Katie C.

Haha, see?

And your mom is SO cute. I love her. (:

0 · March 13, 2010

Luca Skadi O

Luca S.


304 posts

they have their own style i like that
my dad is has a "army style", it annoys me that he want's me to have that kind of style
my mother is really a really fashionable woman, she is totaly obssesed with violet and black it looks good on her
my sis has her own style as well, she is like casual all the time but with style :D
my granparents have the usual vintage style, and it's cute
my aunt is also really fashionable and so are my cousins

that's all i guess

0 · March 13, 2010

Linda Lu

Linda L.

United States

66 posts

um well...
My parents used too. My dad is an executive chef and only has one day off each week. He does make an effort to look nice when he isn't working. I love it when he wears his 80s oversized aviators
My mom on the other hand, isn't anymore. She's a stay-at-home mom that says, she doesn't care about how she looks anymore. It's a shame. My mom used to be such a spiffy dressed person. Most of my clothes are her's from when she was in her 20s and early 30s.

0 · March 14, 2010

Shozii Ratte

Shozii R.


127 posts

my brother rocks sweat pants
my dad dress shirts and cargo pants
my mom baggy clothes


0 · January 21, 2013

Miss Bi.

Miss B.


105 posts

Wow, I'm surprised! I thought i would come in here and see how everybody's family is so into fashion.

Well for me both my brother and little sister are pretty into fashion. People even stop them when we're out to compliment their looks. My brother is 17 and has that hip hop ish style, but very unique. My sister is 10 but somehow she dresses in her own coolish pop star kinda look. I guess we're pretty weird.
My dad has normal dad clothes, except when he goes to work. He wears these sharp suits with amazing suit-tie-shirt combinations. But when we're out its pretty casual and i guess normal.

0 · June 6, 2013

Katie Lee

Katie L.

United States

542 posts


Haha, in no way, shape or form. Whenever I have to go see other parts of my family, people always look at me weird because I'm the one wearing the good clothes. And, I come from the poor side of the family.

0 · June 6, 2013

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5712 posts

my mum now dresses trendier and it suits her. my brother dresses smart but casual and my sister is casual but dresses up nicely when she needs to. i and they would say i'm the craziest dresser out of us all but i'm not really that 'out there' either

0 · January 24, 2014

Anouk Elise B

Anouk Elise B.


118 posts

My little sister has the greatest style :) i try to convince her to put her looks on lookbook but she is rather shy. Too bad because she would do great. My mom is a horder when it comes to clothing and she's been collecting clothes sinds she was my age, so she has a pretty impressive wardrobe too. She sometimes gives me clothes from her youth so thats pretty awesome :D

0 · January 24, 2014

☽Emī Silberīn Mānelieht☾

☽Emī S.


578 posts

My family doesn't care much about fashion. They laugh at me...:/

0 · January 25, 2014

Kiran A

Kiran A.

United Kingdom

23 posts

i wish i have to pick out clothes for everyone and then the laugh and think it looks ugly plus my friends are exactly the same i wish they would experiment and be brave with what they wear!!

0 · January 26, 2014

Cherry L

Cherry L.


68 posts

My mom buys more clothes than me! lol

0 · January 26, 2014


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