Plugs/gauge ear piercings

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Anthony Lee

Anthony L.

United States

64 posts

im considering getting the gauge ear piercing
in both of my ear lobes sometime next week.

like this one but not this big, the smallest one of this piercing:

anyone who have this piercing and went through this pain,
let me know your experience & if I should do it

over 11 years ago

Camille .

Camille ..

United States

1810 posts

i stretched my ears as a freshmen, but i wasn't patient and they were perpetually infected so i took them out.

they were badass though

don't mind the really unflattering angle

0 · January 16, 2010

Agnese Liety

Agnese L.


7 posts

I have my 8mm plugs.

I started them by using matches! xD And to make them clean and good, it took me about half year to reach 8mm.
It was painful in very beggining, and from 6mm to 8mm.
But now, i have them 2 years, and no problems!

0 · January 17, 2010

Sarah H

Sarah H.

United States

1 posts

i have 0g plugs. i started at 12g around may.
my worst stretch was when i skipped from 6g to 2g. hurt more than anything.

0 · January 17, 2010

Vera S.

Vera S.


289 posts

If it hurts, than you are doing something wrong. You can feel it a bit when you push the expander trough, but it may not hurt. You can push it trough slowy, but when you ear isnt healed enough that it will obviously hurt.

0 · January 17, 2010

Dani Beth R

Dani Beth R.

United States

4 posts

Yeah... You can know what you're doing and if you're stretching them yourself, it hurts... A lot. Definitely not the worst pain I've experienced but the last couple jumps I made were a long and painful process. It's a lot easier to do with vaseline right when you get out of the shower. When I finally got to 0 and wanted to get to 00, I had a friend do it for me at a tattoo shop with a taper. It's a lot easier to have someone else do it for you in terms of pain but I feel like it's easier to feel what's too much too soon if you're doing it yourself.

0 · February 3, 2010

Gracie Pulido

Gracie P.

United States

15 posts

I have recently started using tape and I love it, I wish I would have started that way so if you do stretch them USE TAPE!

@Lindsey M.

My right ear is definitely my bitch ear, definitely way harder to stretch than my left.

0 · February 5, 2010

Claire Patterson

Claire P.

United States

49 posts

amen to the bitch ear.

0 · February 6, 2010

Jery His

Jery H.

United States

1 posts

@Claire P.

The best gauge piercing for you.

0 · September 19, 2011

Mandy Denise

Mandy D.


86 posts

I have a 6mm tunnel in my right ear.
It shouldn't hurt while stretching.
I did mine myself in 1 month to 6mm.

0 · September 20, 2011

Marina Bannon

Marina B.


1 posts

okay so i wanna get one of my ears gauged..but i have no idea what size i should start off with. i got my ears pierced normally 5 years ago but i let them close.. can anyone help me with sizes because i dont understand any of the size charts. and also what plug should i use as my first ? thank you !

0 · September 2, 2012

Becky Bedbug

Becky B.

United Kingdom

1075 posts

@Marina B.

The way I started was to get a starter pack with 5 or so different tapers. You need to have your ear/s pierced regularly first and allow a good few months for them to heal.

Your first size taper will probably be 1.2mm or 1.8mm- If you get a pack, it will have both of these so you can see which one works best.

Use some sort of lubricant such as Vaseline over the taper and gently but firmly slide it through the piercing. It will probably feel warm and a little sore. If it hurts a lot or you are forcing the taper through, you need to stop and give it a rest. Otherwise you could cause serious damage.

Once it is through, pop a plug in. You shouldn't wear tapers as jewellery or sleep on them. Be very wary with double-flared or saddle plugs. These can get stuck in your tunnels so I recommend using a single-flared or screw plug.

Leave your tunnel to heal for a good couple of months before stretching up to the next size. Be very patient! Mine is 8mm. It's taken me 6 years in total. I could have done it faster but I've never had any issues with it at all.

This is mine:

0 · September 2, 2012

Kirstine Eibye Elgaard Christiansen

Kirstine Eibye E.


299 posts

I have 8mm (going on 10mm soon) in both of my ears and it's absolutely the best descision I've ever made, I love them sososo much!

You should totally do it! It's easy and the pain is non-existent (;

0 · September 2, 2012

Baba Wang

Baba W.


1 posts

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0 · September 3, 2012

Christina U

Christina U.


8 posts

I've had my lobes stretched for almost four years now and I can't say that I remember them hurting a lot. Sure, there was a little pain, but if you stretch slow enough and do it without skipping sizes, you should be fine.

0 · February 7, 2013

Six6six X

Six6six X.

United States

260 posts

@Anthony L.

Yeah, I was horrified when I read your post that you were going to a piercer to get them that size. As people have said, you can only get pierced at like a 4g-2g (and some won't do it). If you want something larger than a 2g, you're going to have to get lobe scalpelling. they actually cut a piece of your ear out and stitch it back's horrific. google image search it.

0 · February 7, 2013


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