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what's your opinion?
I think men should wear whatever they want, however, I would never use them, I think they are just for women...

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Is your life yours? Nature didn't make everyone the same. We all have our own personality, which means each of us have our own perspectives and we have desires and tastes according to the person we are. Society has set up rules, standards, and ideals to keep people harnessed in what it has determined we should be, how we should act, and the way it wants us to appear socially. Many people have embraced this way of life, because it satisfies the way they have learned to deal with situations. However, many others feel trapped in this social environment, because their desires and taste don't follow or fit their assigned stereotyping. One of the results of this set up is that it has made people create alternative lifestyles to try and fix the social directives to be more inline with their understanding of the human perspective. Things like men and women can't have the same desires or interests has been proven to be false, but society continues to promote its stereotyping. The idea that men have the desire to wear high heels shouldn't be such a foreign concept, being that men have the historical claim of being high heel wearers. The present social trend that has demonized and perverted this concept didn't take this manly trait into account when it ruled men were too practical to wear high heels. So now the men with this desire are seen as corrupted individuals, because of their drive to wear stilettos, even though it is one of the human traits that has been part of men's and women's existence from the beginning. The historical use of apparel for status identity and the cost to have items made usually prevented most people from owning the more elaborate articles of attire. Since the Industrial Revolution, the availability and lowered cost of clothing selections got increased to a greater part of the population. The less affluent were able to enjoy purchasing many of the clothing items that were formerly only options of the very rich. As time pressed on, even the working conditions improved so that men and women were able to get sensible work periods that made it possible for them to enjoy more of their income with their family and partake in social and civic activities. Even though the wearing of high heels seem to be banned, some how this footwear stayed around in the underground activities. With the invention of photography being used to capture women in their birthday suit while wearing high heels, the trend to bring this footwear back to a fashion choice started. However, only women, not men, in heels were pictured, which led to our social dictation and focus that high heels were only meant to be worn by females, which ignored the desires of men to wear them. There have been accounts or records of men in heels, but they have been passed off as novelties, misconducts, or comedic skits. As you can see, high heels for men isn't just a modern phenomena, it has been and is now thriving activities in various communities. The social edit didn't stop men from wearing high heels and with the development of the stilettos, the male desire is even more intrigued.

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