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Chimi Luis

Chimi L.


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what's your opinion?
I think men should wear whatever they want, however, I would never use them, I think they are just for women...

almost 13 years ago

Autopsy Jude

Autopsy J.


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who's wearing heels?

0 · March 3, 2009

Miguel Santiago

Miguel S.

United States

236 posts

there are shoes for men with heels... elevator shoes for example - that i would wear. but if by heels you mean stiletto-ish looking spikes... nooo i think i'd die wearing them :))

0 · March 3, 2009

Ashley Glover

Ashley G.

United Kingdom

546 posts

I remember seeing a picture of a man wearing high stiletto heels.
This is one but I did find a better one!
I have to much on my hands LOL

0 · March 3, 2009

.. .

.. ..

United Kingdom

417 posts

@Autopsy J.

For some men, the trigger for wearing heels comes from necessity rather fashion...

0 · March 3, 2009

Fuuma Deva

Fuuma D.


8 posts

From the NY Times Moment blog...

The Next Level | Boys With Birkins
By Elizabeth Spiridakis

See ya, Julia; bye-bye, Chloe; later, Beyoncé. I’ve cleared out my mental file of Why-can’t-I-be-her? style icons and have no more time for the same old girls in an epic shoe and must-have bag. These days, I am all about boys … in an epic shoe and must-have bag.

Perhaps you haven’t really noticed yet, but fashion-forward men, like my new trinity of adoration — Bryan Boy, Yu Masui and Jean-Paul Paula — have been feminizing their ensembles and pushing past females in the next-level department. And I, for one, am rapt.

The look, to be clear, is not at all about cross-dressing. It’s men dressing mostly like men but with accessories and the odd (Prada lace) halter from the women’s department. It’s so genius that it makes you wonder why every guy doesn’t do this. It also makes me think I am getting sartorially lazy; it’s time to step up the game.

Believe me, to see Yu Masui in tattered khakis and an old white tee beneath a Jil Sander spring/summer ‘08 sheer color-block dress is to know that you are really not thinking outside the box.

I’m obviously not the only one with a folder on my desktop that’s full of pictures of boys with Birkins and Balenciaga; Marc Jacobs had Cole Mohr model the dresses for the Marc by Marc Jacobs fall ‘08 women’s campaign (the vibe and style of which is more than a little bit of an homage to Bryan Boy), and Marc himself has taken on a man skirt and leggings as his daily uniform. The Paris shows for men just ended, and I counted at least five collections that included dresses or skirts. While that touches upon something in the ether, I would have liked to see some statement jewels or maybe a bro clutch. Is that too much to ask? Maybe for spring/summer ‘10, if the three men below have any say in the matter.

Link with interviews and photos:

0 · March 7, 2009

Amelia C

Amelia C.


75 posts

i have a friend who wears platforms from the 70s on a regular basis.but hes a hippie,and yes,it sounds wierd,but if you knew him you wouldnt be able to see him any other way.
well,hes a hippie minus the drugs plus a university education. still works for him.

0 · March 11, 2009

M ♥

M .


28 posts

hahaha i think it will be VERY weird . and GAY . I mean , which man on earth will wear heels ?! It will be the center of attraction ! hahaha

0 · March 12, 2009

Sara McEver

Sara M.

United States

20 posts

I personally think heels are for girls.
But if your a guy, and you like heels, then wear them.
Just don't show them off to me and expect me to compliment them. Ha. (:

0 · March 13, 2009

Kathy Kinsey

Kathy K.

United States

107 posts

so....maybe i'm just not as open fashion-wise as real fashion savvy people, but i have just got to say no.
dress shoes that have that tiny-doesn't-even-count heels are fine. but anything beyond that is a no-go.
art my yellow behind. ick

0 · March 14, 2009

.. .

.. ..

United Kingdom

417 posts

I mostly agree with you, Viola.
Then I saw this, and I can't help thinking that this guy has got really great legs for heels!
I wouldn't dress like this, but I must admit I really admire his in-your-face confidence to be able to rock this look and be proud of it.

0 · March 16, 2009

Sharon Dallas

Sharon D.


75 posts

i can't say i really like the look, in terms of what i find personally attractive, because i tend to be drawn toward prince-charming-oh-so-masculine men, but i think it's a definite step toward gender equality / gender issues being resolved, and the androgyny / acceptance of all members of the human race. If you get where I'm going with that? Also, it's a HUGE step for self-expression.

0 · March 16, 2009

Tawny Carson

Tawny C.

United States

76 posts

@.. ..

wow! that guy looks great! I never even imagined heels could look so natural on a guy. I mean platforms, okay, been there done that, but those shoes look so super awesome on him. I think most people think of really awkward looking drag queens when they think heels on a guy....but this guy just blew my mind.

1 · March 16, 2009

Isabella X

Isabella X.

United Kingdom

14 posts

noo way
It may work for models
but in reallife... would be just awkward

0 · March 16, 2009

JC Kimber


United States

209 posts

i dont think i will be rocking heels anytime soon,
leggings yes
heels no

0 · March 16, 2009

Brandon Reiersen

Brandon R.


21 posts

I personally don't think guys should go for heels or leggings, ever. At least not if they're wanting to look remoletely masculine. But that's just me.

0 · March 16, 2009

Chloe A

Chloe A.

United States

3839 posts

Heels on boots & dress shoes are fine, if they're thick and only an inch or two. just not like...stiletto heels or anything. they just look weird.

0 · March 16, 2009

Miguel Bonales

Miguel B.

United States

1 posts

All clothing (that includes footwear) should be for humans, regardless of the sex.

1 · March 16, 2009

Daniel Nyberg

Daniel N.


9 posts

miguel b. is so right but heels are for people who can wear them.
adrogyny is in.

1 · March 17, 2009

DomDom La Joie

DomDom L.

United States

6 posts

but i think this all poses the question, when does gender end and omnisex begin?
men in heels is just another gender bender idea. as much as each of us say "to each their own" we then later say "but i would not be caught dead in those".

It's just one of those things that if they make you feel strong and confident then go for it, but for any sort of vote is no. just remember that each day may be a fashion show and each sidewalk is really catwalk, but the world is watching. get past them and you are golden kid. i don't know why i thought an essay was a good way toanswer this. haha. hey lookbook. let's chat :]

0 · March 19, 2009

Mike B

Mike B.

United Kingdom

3 posts

Heels used to be popular among men in 70's. Just search for any band from 70's on YouTube, you'll see notice that

0 · March 19, 2009

Amy ?

Amy ?.


6 posts

i think a man who CAN wear heels is a legend haha
but if they wear it as an everyday thing, then thats just SCARY hahahas

0 · March 19, 2009

Aleesha Woah

Aleesha W.

United States

10 posts

I think that Prince is one of the few males who can pull off a serious heel and make it look amazing. I think it takes a certain look lol.

0 · March 21, 2009

Ashley Glover

Ashley G.

United Kingdom

546 posts

@Ashley G.


0 · March 23, 2009

Fuuma Deva

Fuuma D.


8 posts

Pharell has a custom haut à courroies (by Hermès). I think he looks dorky wearing it and that it takes a certain outlook to pull off old european baggagery without looking too try hard. That's, of course, discussable, but rappers usually fail at this.

0 · March 24, 2009

Zeke V

Zeke V.

United States

187 posts

I think It would be very intresting If I seen someone other than Prince wearing heels. I think any guy can wear whatever he likes. And if he makes it look good. Than its a do. I think theres a line between being too gay vs being a very fashionable metrosexual. I think it would be a step for any man, to sorta forget his masculinity for the moment and actually strap on a pair. Without feeling too feminine.

0 · March 24, 2009

Devin Barrett

Devin B.

United States

2 posts

absolutely NOT, heels are meant/should be for women

0 · March 24, 2009

Marcus Branch

Marcus B.

United States

77 posts

i have seen pictures of men in heels
but it didn't look awful.

I think it's about balance, and the man
looked very masculine in the face (facial hair, etc)
and the clothing wasn't skin tight, or baggy, like just right.

it looked ok on him,
but i'll stay away from heels, leggings, and kilts

0 · March 31, 2009

Jemma Young

Jemma Y.

United States

113 posts

Personally, I think if it's for a purely "fashionable" reason...(stiletto-like) heels should never be worn by men...That's just wayy to far stretched.
Te only acceptable usage of heels by men (again, in my option) is those who are transgendered.

0 · March 31, 2009

Derek Letterine

Derek L.

United States

94 posts

I think guys can wear heels... just as long as the shoe is for a man, you know? The only (male) person I can think of at the moment that wears heels is Kev Jonas. I think when a man is wearing WOMENS heels it's just a big fuckin' no-no.

0 · April 6, 2009

Diana !

Diana !.


190 posts

I just LOVE it ! Unless it makes a "travesti" look. But wore with masculine outfit, it's so great !

1 · April 22, 2009

Sadie Marlowe

Sadie M.


134 posts

Eh, I'm not so sure. While I fully support the right of men to dress however they like, I'm not sure that personally, heels on men sends me a vibe I enjoy. Then again, who cares what I think, right?
I see heels as a very female entity, and a symbolic one at that; heels symbolize a lot of the suffering, struggle, pain, aspirations, power, sexuality and rise to dominance that females have experienced over the years; for men to start wearing them simply because they like the look sort of trivializes this, and takes away from the unique symbolism.
Then again, I am an artist and so see a lot of things in deeply political symbolic terms that other people may not; I suspect that these men aren't so much trying to take anything away from women rather than gain something (a freedom of expression) for themselves.
Still, if my boyfriend showed up wearing heels, I must admit, I would feel pretty weirded out!

0 · April 25, 2009

Bramm Handels

Bramm H.


57 posts

thats just stupid in my opinion:P
its the same as wearing bra's as a guy >_>

0 · April 25, 2009

Jon Rex

Jon R.

United Kingdom

8 posts

Err, all my dress shoes have a cuban heel of about 1 inch or more >_>;;
I think my height is the only thing that makes me self-conscious, being 5'9" with a really bad slouch.

0 · April 25, 2009

Courtney B

Courtney B.

United States

85 posts

I saw a guy wearing stilettos when went to Georgia, and I thought it looked... weird.
So yeah, I don't think it's the best look for a guy, lol.

0 · April 25, 2009

Milla Jasmin

Milla J.


16 posts

Wear what ever u want, but I'm not gonna ever date a guy with heels. That's an absolute no-no.

0 · April 26, 2009

Daniel ///

Daniel /.

United Kingdom

44 posts

the drag look is never ever good. urk

0 · April 26, 2009

Tenor De Mesones

Tenor D.


37 posts

How could u not wanna wear those punkish balenciaga-olsen booties??? as a guy i would probably wear them to some kind of hardcore party. Although i wouldn't dare to use them for everyday situations, i think it would make the right fashion statement in very few situations.

0 · April 26, 2009


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