Thrifter or Brand-er?

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Yuck Gross

Yuck G.

United States

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What do you look at first, the price or the brand?
I know lots of people that buy things that are ugly but are a popular brand - my mom LOVES any type of Coach purse, as long as it's Coach. I guess I just don't understand the appeal in brands.

over 9 years ago

Paris Holland

Paris H.

United States

126 posts

i'm a thrifter, i love getting things for a cheaper price. i like brand name too, but like you said, a lot of brands make fucking ugly stuff. like coach (sometimes they have really great things), ed hardy, sometimes louis vuitton has ugly stuff too! i think no one should buy everything of one brand because they can make things that aren't very appealing, but people will buy them because it's brand name, haha.

0 · February 27, 2010

Zahraisabelle L

Zahraisabelle L.


4819 posts

I swing both ways.

0 · February 27, 2010

Elise V.

Elise V.


1 posts

I am all about price. FInding that one great item for no money can really make my day!

0 · February 27, 2010

Hailee -

Hailee -.

United States

189 posts


0 · February 27, 2010

Yuck Gross

Yuck G.

United States

5 posts

Haha, yeah. I love the thrill I get when I know I got a deal!

0 · February 27, 2010

Nissi .

Nissi ..

United States

603 posts

I can't buy anything that's full price or over 30 dollars, unless they're shoes which I'll splurge on.

0 · February 27, 2010

Morgan Toledo

Morgan T.

United States

337 posts

the price. I could care less what brand it is. Buying clothes for the brand is cheesy.

0 · February 27, 2010

Tayler Worrell

Tayler W.

United States

300 posts

neither, just whether or not i like a piece. I dont even care about the brand, but if its a good one then that's a plus. and usually thrift finds are cheep, but i do look at the price after i try it on.

0 · February 27, 2010

Mara C

Mara C.

United States

4914 posts

I'm a cheap college student. Yay Goodwill.

0 · February 27, 2010

King Leo

King L.


1624 posts

Definitely both.
I do buy stuff that I like even if it's not a brand name, but if it's a brand name it actualy doesn't make any difference in here.
People don't know designers, a plus for me :D

0 · February 27, 2010

Hannah Chamberlain

Hannah C.

United States

14 posts

i think it's cool to mix thrift store finds w/ designer stuff-- i'm usually pretty thrifty though myself. :)

0 · February 28, 2010

Lulu Longstocking

Lulu L.


1 posts

Hi, I'm looking for active members who mainly thrift or make their clothes or buy sustainable.
I would be glad to hype you to get more inspiration.
xx Lulu

0 · 29 days ago



United States

1 posts

Thrifter. I actually cut the tags out of my clothes; partly because they itch like heck, but mainly because I don't want to feel like I'm wearing an advertisement.

0 · 11 days ago

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5712 posts

thrifter 100%. there is nothing better for me

0 · 3 days ago


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