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Vane ❀

Vane ❀.

United Kingdom

47 posts

Hello there, I've been on Lookbook for two years and a half. And while in the beginning nobody would hype me back, after some time I had some hypes and likes, fans as well.

All of this disappeared. Now I'm posting looks and I get so poor visibility and almost nobody to see and like my photos as it was previously.

Example. Last year: 60 likes. This year: 10 likes.

Anybody else?

I would like to know why lookbook works in a way where some people can get noticed, and some other just don't.

Why don't give visibility to everyone? as well as feature more looks on lookbook instagram and website?

over 3 years ago

Vane ❀

Vane ❀.

United Kingdom

47 posts

I agree John, that's the problem. They should come up with better ideas to give everybody a little of spotlight.

Anyway, thank you for the flickr group link, I will join it

1 · August 31, 2015

Gaetan O

Gaetan O.


16 posts

Indeed it's strange and this leaves little room for the new.

Post a body part just to highlight a garment is also ...

The worst are the "hype for hype" ... see who put you a hype and remove after (some guys are strangely)

1 · August 31, 2015

Linda Pavlovic

Linda P.


2 posts

I have pretty much the same problem, and I don't know what to do it looks like my looks don't appear on the feed. Do you guys maybe have an advice for me?

1 · September 6, 2015



United States

43 posts

I am so happy I found this post. I thought that people just don't like my posts... Now I know that a number of hypes may be dependent on LookBook politics.

2 · September 8, 2015

Helena Dewitt

Helena D.


131 posts

I have the same problem!
I was used to have 200- 300 or 400 hypes on a look but now the max I can get is 90 or 100, it's becoming really annoying and I hope they will improve this feature very soon. I feel like LB shows always the same people, like famous bloggers etc while everybody should have the chance to get noticed!

3 · September 13, 2015

Sally W.

Sally W.

United Kingdom

14 posts

Exact same issue here, it becomes off-putting to have such a seemingly poor reception to your looks. It seems there's an issue of just getting lost in all the posting... The same few are always featured though and I agree with what others have said that the spotlight should be shared and help up-and-comers more!

0 · September 16, 2015

Silvia F.

Silvia F.


2 posts

Hi!! I have a problem if anyone can help me I'd be really grateful!
I've reached 781 karma and as far as I know when you reach 500 karma you should appear on stream such as top and hot and until now nothing happened .
Is anyone here with the same problem or who had the same problem or know something about this issue? What should I do?
It's annoying because it's like they take away your chance to be known by the other :(
I forget to mention that I already sent lookbook an email last week and another one today because I didn't get any answer.

0 · September 17, 2015

Vane ❀

Vane ❀.

United Kingdom

47 posts

I've got almost 5000 karma, but still I dont appear under Spotlight

0 · September 25, 2015

Liza LaBoheme

Liza L.


175 posts

It's not about total karma guys. There are a number of factors like average karma, fans etc

0 · October 8, 2015

ShinyBoy JM

ShinyBoy JM

United States

16 posts

Oh well, time to get hyper-active on the forums and other people's looks postings!

0 · May 3, 2016

Tneale Williams

Tneale W.

South Africa

152 posts

Hi - also happy to be seeing this.

I went from 150+ likes per post to now only 10 or 15 if I'm lucky, at first I thought i might have changed my privacy settings but seems not. Also e-mailed Lookbook but no response.

It's pretty frustrating though, as I've a few collaborations and online stores that I have a relationship with based on my hype and karma and now the exposure is almost hugely minimal for myself and the brands alike.

Some advice please people?

0 · May 5, 2016

Carolyn W

Carolyn W.

United States

1024 posts

My averages have plummeted as well, but only in the past couple of days.... didn't know this was going on so long, glancing at this thread. On average, I post every other afternoon, sometimes every day, but lately more like a couple times a week. Usually 24 hours after I post, I have on average 120 hype. My looks are struggling to reach 50 this past week, my look from yesterday has under 30 hype....

My question is - can one look that was not "popular" or hyped much REALLY effect your feed that much for the following days??? Not sure if I'm going crazy, or.

1 · August 30, 2016

Jane V.I.

Jane V.


8 posts

Carolyn W, I follow you and I'd say that your looks are still as pretty as previous ones! And I have the same problem: my posts always earned near 180-200 hypes, I keep posting but last 2 looks (starting friday) reached only 20-40... Though people who follow me still post good comments and even likes... I'm so disappointed because it took many time to earn my Karma since registration this March...

0 · August 31, 2016


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