Did you know that you can hide looks?

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In a step to make the Lookbook experience more personal to you, we’ve added the ability to hide posts.

Don’t want to see a look on the homepage? Or maybe a particular user’s style is not something that really resonates with you personally?

Hover over a photo and click on the “hide” button. You’ll have the option to hide just that look or all future looks from that person.

hide button

hide look

Remember that you can always utilize any of our existing filters to add a bit of diversity to what you see or visit our custom streams.

Let us know what you think below!

The Lookbook Team

over 3 years ago

Watercress S

Watercress S.


3 posts

Got it, thanks!

0 · November 18, 2015

Xanthium James

Xanthium J.

United States

3 posts

Oh snap!

0 · March 8, 2016

Trevor W

Trevor W.


71 posts

That's kinda cruel tho, it's ironic for the word 'fashion', fashion was supposed to be accepting the different individual and it's like a free world in parallel universe. By hiding it, it's a similar act of restricting the odd no? Hmm... I'm confused

1 · March 26, 2016

Lady Grey

Lady G.

United States

31 posts

@Trevor W.

I don't think its a problem. I go to lookbook to see ideas of potential ways to wear my own clothes, if a person has the complete opposite style as me I would hide them to make it more efficient to find things that do reflect style.

0 · March 26, 2016

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

5705 posts

i don;t bother hiding anything. just ignore the ones i want to ignore. i never seek out any particular style, i just browse

0 · April 5, 2016


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