I have been blocked by LOOKBOOK

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Mad Cat Fashion P.

Mad Cat Fashion P.

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I really want to find out from you guys if you are in the same situation. About half year ago I think I have been blocked by Lookbook as suddenly when I launched my new looks here, with great photos and contest I suddenly stopped getting likes at all.

I went through my photos and I noticed that they are seen by literally only up to 40 people , where the old ones at least up to 1000 ! I think I broke a rule or something, that the only thought came to my head as I posted twice a few my looks but in a different capture. Many of LB users doing it, sharing one look even up to 5 times and they still can do it. So I think I lost my community privilege and even if I sent a dozens of different messages asking the LB team for a help and assistance, I have been ignored every time, til today no answer for even one message.

Very gutted and I am looking for someone with same problems, need to find out if they ever going to remove that punishment and I can come back on track I don't know if it is a point for me to post photos on LB as is very embarrassing getting only 10 likes ?!

almost 3 years ago

Liza LaBoheme

Liza L.


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I can't really explain what's going on and it does seem weird indeed. The only thing I noticed is that before your hype number dropped you were inactive for about 2 months. This doesn't seem that much but unless you have like thousands of fans this time span is way too long. People seem to just forget about inactive users within weeks. So this could explain why your number of hypes dropped. However, as your looks are really high quality the hype numbers should've recovered by now. Have you tried finding out if your looks are displayed on the New page? Maybe ask someone to monitor a new look from their account to find out if it's visible for everyone.

Apart from that I really don't know... :/

0 · June 29, 2016


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