What happened to all of the Jeffrey Campbell Litas?

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Louise Perry

Louise P.

United Kingdom

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So I (like many people) bought a pair of these cult shoes a few years ago and unfortunately they have come to their natural demise.
I went to buy some more to find that I cannot find them anywhere! Now I understand that fashions and labels move on, but for a long time they were unavoidable.
I noticed the official website is selling them in their 'Vault' section, although they are out of a lot of sizes (and also I live in the UK so buying them from here wouldn't be a great option - although if they got them back in stock I would have to bite the bullet)

I wonder, does anyone know where I could buy them? And if they have become completely unavailable somehow can please anyone advise an alternative/what they like to wear now instead?

Thanks a bunch! x

2 years ago

Lily Jane

Lily J.


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I'm interested in it too..

0 · November 11, 2016

Enchantress Co

Enchantress C.

PASADENA, CA. 91103,
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I'm also interested in this.

0 · January 8, 2018

Alexandra Duarte

Alexandra D.

United States

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Try these sites!

0 · January 11, 2018

Stella S.

Stella S.

United States

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Hi Everyone!

I work at a company which is a luxury shopping service, and helps anyone who lives outside of the USA with all their USA-based shopping needs. We are located in New York City, receiving requests from people all over the world. We source and purchase in the USA, and deliver to doorsteps worldwide. While we do not carry goods, and are a service, we are passionate about fashion in general, and luxury in particular.

The Jeffery Campbell Litas are not as ubiquitous as they once were, but there are definitely retailers who still carry them:

We hope this is helpful, and happy shopping! :)

Stella Suen
Creative Director
The Luxe Link

0 · March 22, 2018


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