What do you think happened to all the LB OGs?

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Lo Pascual ⚓

Lo P.

United Arab Emirates

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I'm doing a little research on why a handful of OGs like Adam G., Luna P., Ben G., Camille C. (most of the people on the all time top leader board basically) doesn't post their looks on LB anymore? Share us your thoughts?

Plus, should LB do a YouTube type of paid program to keep all their top influencers on the site?

2 years ago

Selina M

Selina M.

United Kingdom

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i follow many of the old ones that frequented the forums on instagram now. i spoke to a couple and they said that they phased out, don't feel like it's welcoming place anymore, it's not the same, their time on here is done and they're in a different place in their life, lookbook is now too shallow and not fun anymore etc

also some replies on here

0 · March 18, 2017


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