Fluid painting

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Sarah Huang

Sarah H.


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Hi there,
I have posted an fluid painting on other webiste, and some doubt it couldn't be concluded as a kind of art. I feel confused about that. I believe art can be anything, even some funny behavior. Art is vast, isn't it?
- Sarah

almost 3 years ago

Steve Smith

Steve S.

United States

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0 · October 9, 2018

Diana P.

Diana P.

United States

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Very difficult to control colour in a fluid painting, I should think. Having said that, I think the aim in this kind of work is not to control but to allow the paint to blend and form its own design. So I believe that fluid painting has it's own special charm. But it's just me.
Unfortunately there are lots of people who don't believe in creativity at all.

0 · September 18, 2019


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