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Hello everyone. I wanted to warn people about a scammer on here. This fake ass profile sent me a message asking if I would like to team up with her to review her Amazon line of clothing. She said she would send me an item and if I reviewed it after I received it she would send me more. I have had legitimate sellers do this with me on Amazon and never got scammed so I said sure. She said I would pay for the first item and then she would reimburse my Paypal within 72 hours. The jacket I picked was way overpriced and I would NEVER buy this unless it was offered for free. I sent her an email tell her I had paid for it and now she needed to reimburse me. She sent another email saying that she is sorry and that she made a mistake. She said the first jacket I needed to pay for without reimbursement and that if I ordered two more items of clothing she would reimburse me for them. Wow. I called Amazon immediately and they said they would review the store and whether to shut it down. They said I could not get refunded for the item until it arrived and I have to send it back (which is a pain in the ass but at least they'll refund me). So please be weary of these people. I wouldn't pay for anything up front again. If someone wants me to review their clothing from now on they had better send it free up front.

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