When to leave constructive criticism

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I compliment a lot of looks on here that I genuinely like, though like anyone else there are combinations that I do not like, also. I have left some general comments in my profile, but often times I will see a look that looks good, except for one single item that cancels out their effort to look nice. Sometimes I feel like saying, "You have put so much thought in to your look, but this one item prevents the outfit from looking nice, at least to my eye. If you were to wear these pants instead of the ones you wore, the outfit would look totally awesome.", or something along those lines.

I have not seen one critical comment on here, and I am afraid to leave one at present without knowing how the models would react. So, I am asking here, are the models up for constructive criticism, presented respectfully? Would you consider the tone of the "criticism" in the above paragraph to be respectful?

I don't want to stomp on especially a new model who is honestly trying, but then again if something doesn't look right I'd like to offer a suggestion for often a small change that would highlight the effort they have made in creating the look.

I am not sure how to handle this conundrum. Any suggestions?
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Selina M

Selina M.

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i criticise and mostly get hissy fits from people. comment if you like but expect a lot of people to not be happy you have an opinion that isn't sucking up to them

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