Looking for fashion people for a handbag crossover collection

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Jet Lag

Jet L.

Hong Kong

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Hi All,
I know there're many talent fashionable people in this network that might be interested to work together for a handbag crossover collection.

We're a new fashion brand. Our products are mainly contemporary and fashionable handbags which target for young ladies(20+). Now, We are looking for unique and talent designers/painter/artist/fashion people/model who would interest to do a crossover collection.
I.e Base on our products, add your element/ style as a special edition collection.

The collection will have around 5 to 6 items. We'll launch a limited quantity for each. Launch schedule in 2019, for China market. We will introduce and promote you in our channels during the launch period too.

Anyone interested, pls kindly email me below information and our team will get back to you for more detail soon. My email:

1. Introduce about yourself and your style or creation.
(If you have a portfolio / website will be great 😄)
2. What special element (e.g print/ character/ icon/ color) to represent you?
3. Your rate.
4. Your contact.

Thank you so much

over 1 year ago

Emma Fei

Emma F.

United States

10 posts

I know the fashion accessaries on exlura website:

0 · December 13, 2018

Anika Jonas

Anika J.

United States

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You can check-out Just A Bit Hippy

0 · August 9, 2019




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0 · August 21, 2019


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