What is your favorite online shopping?

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Emma Fei

Emma F.

United States

12 posts

I want to research the popular of online site. If interested please reply! Thank you.

3 months ago

Karthik varma

Karthik varma


2 posts

Hey, that is an interesting question. I really love to do online shopping. Because we need not to go anywhere. we can get whatever we want through online shopping only and one of the biggest advantages is time-consuming. Nowadays everyone is busy with their work and all. so it is more useful to all.

My favorite shopping is clothes, I have a number of dresses but I want to be more I will check through the online and will get them.

0 · February 19, 2019

Yoshiloli Loli

Yoshiloli L.

United States

2 posts

Hi, I think that you propose is very interesting. First, I want to tell that I prefer to buy online because it is more comfortable and you can do from the comfort of your house. My favorite shopping is clothed at,, and Also, when I need war sweaters or winter clothing, I buy at It is all my recommendations.

0 · 27 days ago

Thomas G

Thomas G.

United States

44 posts

Ebay ♡

0 · 6 days ago


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