The Incredible Latest Google App Features You Need to Know

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Sometimes around 2018, Google announced some amazing features to make mobile devices work smarter. The new and latest technology in Google were made at Google’s I/O 2018 conference held in Mountain View, California.

Hence, here are interesting features that caught up our eyes out of the unveiled ten. Note that all these latest techs by Google were powered by its ever-developing AI tech.
They are;

1. Google Duplex
Google duplex is the latest app designed by google to help users book a haircut appointment all by itself. The idea is just to develop a machine that act and sound more human in communicating with people.

2. Google Maps (Augmented Reality)
There's Google Map in existence before but the company had decided to include an augmented reality to it so as to guide it users. Users will be able to look through the camera, see turn-by-turn directions, use buildings, local landmarks, etc. as all taken by the camera to guide users.

3. Gmail Smart Compose
This latest feature by Google will use AI to suggest or complete sentences for users. For example, “I'm feeling weak” might be completed by the feature as “I'm feeling weak maybe I'll have to go see a doctor.”
4. Google Photos
Unlike the Google photos in existence before this new google photo app will have some additional features, among them is the ability to recognize a photograph of anybody that is in the user’s contact list - in fact, it can request to send the picture to such person. Plus, it can change image format to PDF files, etc.

5. Android P
This new google app will include additional powerful artificial intelligence tools. It will enhance the phone battery to learn how to protect power, the brightness will be set automatically base on the environment or scenery of where the device is and many more.

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