How to Choose Foam Film to Secure items while Traveling?

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Foam film is a protective film little known to the general public. Yet, it protects fragile surfaces from scratches and shocks . There are several models and thicknesses of foam film. What are the criteria to take into account to make the right choice?

I / What is foamed film? What is it used for ?
The foam film is a protective film made from polyethylene foam . This material is renowned for its flexibility and flexibility . Thus, the foam film perfectly matches the shape of the object or furniture to be protected.

It is particularly appreciated by professionals of the move because it is anti-scratch : by wrapping fragile surfaces like a lacquered furniture, painted car parts, mirrors, paintings or glassware, it prevents the surface in question from being scratched .

In addition, it is known to be waterproof and dustproof . You can store your furniture and fragile objects without risk of deterioration over time or because of storage conditions (wet room, etc.).

II / The different models of foam film
There is no foam film wellpackeurope(.)com/jiffy-furnisoft but foamed films. What are the particularities of each model?

the classic movie foam : designed for protection and transport of sensitive surfaces to prevent them from being scratched;
the foam film / bubble "Flexfoam" : ideal for transporting and storing fragile items such as paint paintings, marquetry or glass. The air bubbles prevent the object from being hit and shocks while the foam protects it from scratches.
Here is a table showing the main characteristics of these two foam film models:

Classic foam film bubble film roll and foam
Bubble / foam film
Strong points Prevents the surface from being scratched Prevents the surface from being scratched and protects it from knocks and shocks
Characteristics Several thicknesses of foamed film: 1 mm, 2 mm, 3 mm and 10 mm 104/80 micron bubble film + 1 mm thick foam
Conditioning Roll of several 50 to 500 m long and 50 cm to 1.2 m wide Roll 100 m long and 1 m or 1.5 m wide
uses Transportation of all types of fragile goods and furniture Long-term storage of marquetry, paintings, glass, etc.
Price From 45,89 € HT the roll From 64,99 € HT the roll
Range See our foam film range See this foam / bubble film template
III / The criteria for choosing your foam film
Once the model is chosen, there are other criteria to take into account to choose the foam film corresponding to your needs.

Criterion 1: the thickness of the foam
One of the most important criteria is the thickness of the polyethylene foam . It can vary from 1 mm to 10 mm. This gap of a few millimeters may seem trivial for a human but wide polyethylene foam, it changes a lot of things: the higher the foam film is thicker, it is protective.

For example, a foam film with a thickness of less than 2 mm serves only to prevent the appearance of scratches on the fragile surface while a foam film of more than 2 mm thick can be used to absorb shocks and therefore to protect the packaged product or furniture.

Criterion 2: Conditioning
Our range of foam film is exclusively packaged in rolls ranging from 50 to 500 meters long and from 50 cm to 1.2 m in width (or width). Roll packaging is ideal for wrapping objects and furniture of any size with its large dimensions.

You should also know that there are foil dispensers that can be cut into sheets for the occasional need for protective wrappings for small items or batches of foil sheets that act as interleaves to separate and protect products that are stacked together. cardboard.

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