Build a Brand in 2019: Authenticity, Transparency, and the 80s

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Successful branding is essentially a matter of capturing a) the zeitgeist, and b) the essence of your product and philosophy.

Think of how Nike’s developed the Air Jordan brand right at the cusp of Michael Jordan’s legendary NBA run (which also helped popularize basketball — and by proxy, Nike’s shoes — further).

As a small business owner, the question you should ask is: what does the zeitgeist hold for 2019? How can you tailor your brand to it?

In this post, we’ll show you how to build a brand by developing a 2019-ready branding strategy for your business.

Embrace Transparency
In today’s social media-dominated world, there are no more secrets. Customers want, even demand honesty from their preferred brands. They want to know what your products are made of, how you make them, and even how much they cost to make.

As Ashley Deibert writes in Forbes:

“Those that have embraced transparency and authenticity (Dove, Airbnb) discover consumers will do the marketing for them. Those that have fought it (Uber, Pepsi) continue to struggle to regain footing with an audience who will keep their every move, holding up to pounce when the first signs of negativity arise.”

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