6 Tips to Make your Builderfly Store Amazing

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Amazingly, many stores — especially when starting — miss important things for their online shops.

High competition, an inappropriate product or price war are the most frequent reasons for ecommerce failure.

You won’t fall into the same pitfalls! Just follow these six tips for your Builderfly store, and you’ll be off to a great start.

Get a professional logo
To start with, if you are selling online and don’t have a brand behind you, you must look professional. A professional-looking logo goes a long way for this and can really help your customers gain confidence in your store.

A professional logo does not have to cost you an arm and a leg! You can utilize services like DesignCrowd and 99designs to get the best logo within a week.

Adjust your favicon
I am asked to review and give feedback on so many websites, and one of the most common things that are left unchanged when someone sets up their Builderfly store is their favicon.

A favicon is a small icon that appears on the tab of the browser for your website. The default favicon on Builderfly is the Builderfly ‘B’ icon. You should create a custom icon that represents your brand. This can be a shortened version of your logo; you should get this made when designing your logo.

Normally the favicon dimensions are 16px x 16px or 32px x 32px for all websites.

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