From Retail to e-Tail: How to Launch an Ecommerce Website for Your Brick-and-Mortar Store

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The ecommerce industry is a wide-open market. Recent advances in technology have removed many barriers to entry into the digital marketplace, and just about anyone can launch their own web store.

But this coin has another side. The accessibility of the market has led to a flood of new online retailers, dramatically increasing competition and marketing noise across the internet. As opening your own ecommerce store becomes easier, creating and sustaining long-term growth becomes more difficult.

Choosing not to have an ecommerce store, though, is becoming riskier by the day. Online shopping has become a must-place, and many consumers already expect their desire to brick-and-mortar businesses to additionally sell online. So how can you give your shoppers what they want in this increasingly crowded marketplace? As a business owner, what exactly does it take to successfully add e-tail to your retail?

The great news is, your experience of running a physical store automatically gives you so many advantages over internet-only merchants. A physical store carries with it a look and a feeling. It has customers with specific needs and products curated to your customer base. Your store is the physical representation of a brand, and you’ve doubtless already invested time and heart into establishing your brand’s identity. A good portion of your work is already done.

In this blog post, we’ll outline how to take full advantage of that head start. By combining your established brand identity with thoughtful strategy and skillful execution, you can branch into this new marketplace and capture new audiences never before reachable.

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