3 Actionable Tips To Boost Your Email Opt-Ins By 300%

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We started looking at emails differently since last year after we heard Tim Ferriss say something interesting on his podcast.

“Your inbox is everyone else’s agenda for your time.”

That’s actually true if you stop to think of it. Take one look at your inbox and you will see a garden variety of emails demanding your time; calendar invites from colleagues, marketers asking you to join their webinars, Nigerian Princes trying to scam you of your riches, and so on.

Everybody out there is vying to get your time and attention to sell you something you might not want!

If you have a newsletter that’s suffering from low opt-in rates, you need to put yourself in your audience’s shoes and realize this. You’re buying someone else’s time with your newsletter content, so you have to make sure it’s well worth their time.

But what if you already have your newsletter in alignment with your audience and your opt-in rates still suck? Good question. That means your principles are in place but your tactics are missing the mark. We have some easy-to-apply strategies that you can try. Give these tricks a shot and see what works best for you.

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