What are Some Best Practices for Designing an Ecommerce App?

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According to Statista, the number of online sales constantly grows which means more and more people prefer shopping online. The retail field strives to offer its customers the best deals to be number one on the market. Today ecommerce mobile apps are a top solution, helping to simply get in touch with shoppers and increase sale.

The profit of ecommerce websites and apps depends on design decisions more than many other products. Successful ecommerce mobile app design increases chances to drive users because of the smart user experience and beautiful visual performance. If it is designed in the right way, consumers can easily shop items, no matter where they are. A time and effort-saving ecommerce apps will absolutely be becoming a favorite tool for so many people.

So, if you want to create a mobile app design for ecommerce, you must be wondering where to start and how to make it right.

First, you need to consider that there are two basic mobile platforms — iOS and Android. Designing an ecommerce mobile app from scratch, you have to choose which platform you’ll begin with. The choice depends on several factors including budget, time, and target audience. For example, if you need to create an app in a short time, you better start with iOS. Or, if you want to cover different devices, Android suits better.

Design practices for iOS and Android apps differ. There are strict guidelines that designers need to follow. Moreover, the design direction also often depends on the chosen platform.

Before you start coding, make sure to carefully prototype the UX design for your next ecommerce app. Here are a couple of things to remember.

Make on-boarding as simple as one-two-three

Mobile app on-boarding is an important thing in that it can either make or break the user’s expectations. So make sure to take good care of the on-boarding to engage users, not to freak them out. Keep the design simple and neat, you don’t need too many on-boarding screens, either.

Stradivarius has done it quite well. First, you see a list of countries which offer an online store and then a list of those which don’t. Then as soon as you choose your country, you are given the chance to choose either your language or English. Afterward, you reach on a 5-screen tour which portrays the mobile app and some of its amazing features in brief texts and with very wonderful lifestyle images in the background. Note that you can skip the tour any moment you want by simply tapping on that little cross sign at the right side of the screen.

Allow zooming images

Many times, users on mobile devices attempt to double tap and pinch to zoom product images. With this in mind, allow zooming the images. Most importantly, tell your shoppers that you support zoom gestures. For instance, Amazon enables zooming however you can have no idea about it until you tap on the picture and then pinch it. See the screenshots below:

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