I want to give it a try and want post some lookbook photos..but unshure

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I didnt know in wich categorie i post this subject...anyway..

A long time ago i was member and follow many people here.
And find some inspiration.
Now im back.

But i thought i have also clothes that match, or i think they do..haha. :P
I wear glasses and it sounds strange but i dont look good without glasses..or i think.
Maybe sunglasses are an idea?

I have a verry friendly face. Thats what i hear by others.
However i dont think its not a real problem the last couple years most of them are looking for a unique appereance these days.
I sport a lot and i look everyday better and im verry proud that so many things can make you a hansome men or women. Sometimes i think i look really hot and other days i doubt a lot. Unshure feelings...Bleh!

I have a nice camera a Nikon. I dont know the model anymore?
But its not a bad one.

Do you have advice or tips about post a Lookbook photo?
Its really difficult to find a location to take a few shots...because many locations are full with people. I want to do new things in my life these days.

Thanks for listening.. im a guy by the way. :P

23 days ago


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