Predictions for fashion of the 2020s! Like it or hate it, but that's would be!!!

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According to some, including me, fashion of the 2020s could be really simplified during the first 3 to 4 years, then things could resemble the 1920s as far as fashion goes, using simplified fabrics in what is described as earth-toned colors!!! Think greens, drk blues, plain shades of white, and dull/basic browns as the colors of choice for the 2020s as a way to show support for Mother Earth and nature!!!

Soon to be gone will include tight fitting fashion, including tights, spandex, leggings, tights, spandex skirts, tight fitting skirts, miniskirts, stylish gloves, leotards and bodysuits!

Fabric materials that could be a thing of the past include synthetics (polyester, nylon, spandex) due to climate change, metallic (lame'), bright colors, neon colors, and the like, again as a way to show support for the fight against global climate change!!!

Remember, all the glorious styles you see on my page and our fellow Lookbookers who have styles similar to mine, is likely the styles we embraced during the 2010s, and now that it's 2020 and the 2020s, I gotta get rid of continuing my fashion and style and start embracing a more environmentally friendly style that goes well with the Kyoto Treaty and Paris Climate Way!!!!

I salute and bid the 2010s bye bye and I say hello to a new era and a new chapter of my life, and I say a big hello to the dawn of a new era! I say hello to the 2020s!!!!

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