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Dr Rajat Kandhari

Dr Rajat K.


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Increasing pollution, inconsistent changes in weather, excessive exposure to the harmful UV rays, unhealthy lifestyle habits, and even genetics can make the skin lose its youthful appearance. While many products claim to provide solutions to skin troubles like acne, dark spots, wrinkles, sagging skin, blackheads, acne scars, and other skin problems, not every product is suitable for every individual. Visit Veya Aesthetics to consult with the best dermatologist in Delhi, Dr. Rajat Kandhari, who is one of the most talented and promising dermatology specialists in the country. His vision and passion are the driving force that led to forming of Veya Aesthetics, where Dr. Kandhari and his team of experts follow graded, methodical, and step-by-step techniques to provide the best results to the patient. Looking for a dermatologist in Delhi? Visit Dr. Rajat Kandhari at Veya Aesthetics today!

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