Moles or melanocytic nevi are found throughout our body and have a large number of shapes and sizes.

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Removal of moles is recommended in the following circumstances:

• They are too big (they exceed 6 mm in size).
• They are in areas of friction, shaving, contact with intimate apparel or are exposed to ultraviolet radiation.
• Its contours are irregular or asymmetrical.
• They acquire a different color or appearance.
• They grow over time.
• They produce itching or pain.
• Aesthetic problems

The treatment is carried out using the Lumiia laser, it is an ablative laser that removes layers of skin mole and stimulates the creation of collagen.

The results are immediate, after the treatment the surface of your skin is smoother and smoother and without scars.

This Lumiia laser treatment also works to remove warts, mantelshelves, solar legginess, seborrhea keratitis, and even wrinkle marks from the bar code and crow's feet.

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