Do You design clothes?

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Irmina Kuzniak

Irmina K.


7 posts

I would like to know, cause I'm totally obsessed with designing =p
If You guys put Your author clothes on, I really like to see it ;)
From about two years I designed and sewed lot of clothes. Part of them, You can see on my profile.


over 10 years ago

Viktoria M

Viktoria M.


18 posts

Hey! Here's my new etsy shop, check out:
my facebook site:

0 · August 26, 2014

Be Mi

Be M.


37 posts

Hi :) I design and I sew clothes :)
You can find my clothes on my lookbook profile of on fb page :)

0 · September 1, 2014

Anne-Marie L

Anne-Marie L.

United Kingdom

91 posts

I've been playing around with my sewing machine for about a month now, and havent done any big projects yet. But so far I've made a purple satin mini skater skirt, about 3 croptops, and a pair of knickers/shorts. My favourite thing is buying all the fabric and materials! And in terms of actual fashion design, I bought an awesome book yesterday called 'Figure Poses for Fashion Illustrators' so now i'm really interested in designing/drawing out my clothing designs before actually making them. Its a really fun and creative hobby, and could eventually become a career!

0 · September 2, 2014

Amy Liddell

Amy Liddell


5 posts

I am not good at dress designing.
However i like design works of others

0 · September 12, 2014



United States

3 posts

recently, i am also crazy about designing dress,i want to have a unique dress for my wedding next year.I pick some my favorite style as a reference.

this one is one of my about it?

0 · October 16, 2014

Fábio M Silva

Fábio M S.


1 posts

Avant-garde streetwear ;)

0 · October 16, 2014

Amparo Zepeda

Amparo Z.


74 posts

I do! But not everything I post is designed by me tho

0 · October 16, 2014

Masha Nevalenaya

Masha N.


27 posts

I'd rather make them a mix) you can do it right here)

0 · October 25, 2017

Enchantress Co

Enchantress C.

PASADENA, CA. 91103,
United States

29 posts

I like designing but I don't design clothes..

0 · February 14, 2018

Hot One

Hot O.

United States

70 posts

I design and piece together shiny fabric into clothing for clubwear, but ain't got a store set up yet as it's hard to find a niche market, let alone the costs to open up a store and buy/rent a factory to produce your designs in mass quantities! Not to mention I don't have a degree in fashion and design, so it's basically me designing for my personal self atm!!!

Here's the latest thing I designed and sewed together all by myself! It's a shiny bodysuit!

0 · July 16, 2018


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